Pawsitive Grooming Workshop for Dog Owners (Wed 11th September 24)


Class Time – 6pm to 8pm

Make dog grooming a pawsitive experience for your furiend both at home and in the salon.

Our Grooming workshop has been designed based on feedback from you as pawrents and our aim is to ensure that you can go home with all the tools and techniques you need to support your fuirend’s grooming needs at home. 

It includes:

#1 Understanding of the grooming needs of your furiend – specific guidance for your breed and coat type

#2 Review of your existing grooming tools and products – Tailored advice on choosing the right equipment, tools and products and how to clean and maintain these at home

#3 How to Prepare and Set Up a Pawsitive Grooming Experience at Home

#4 Brushing and Combing

#5 Nail Clipping and Filling

#6 Ear Cleaning

#7 Bathing and Drying Techniques (no 

#8 Teeth Cleaning

#9 How to identify Parasites/Areas of Concern

#10 Certificate of Attendance

A great opportunity to meet other owners, in a small, calm environment where each area will be demonstrated in turn. 

Plus due to the limited class size of 4, you will gain tailored 1:1 advice for your own furiend with time to practise all tools and techniques during the class.

No prior experience is required.

P.s and of course –  you know Millie’s love a good photoshoot and Insta reel so we’ll be ensuring we record lots on the day too

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Where do I find available days?

We typically have 2 workshop dates planned at any one point in time and they typically take place in the evening. 

These can always be found in our events section HERE.

Don’t’ see a date that works for you – make sure you are on our waiting list or consider finding a group of 3 other owners to join you and Id be happy to schedule in a dedicated date for you. 

How long does the course last?

Our workshop is 2 hrs in total to ensure we have the time to provide tailored 1:1 advice.  

Please do arrive 10 mins earlier to allow that all important sniff time for your furiend and help yourself to some refreshments.

I have more than one dog.  Can I bring them both/all?

Our class size is limited to ensure that it remains a calm environment for every furiend, therefore we ask that each booking is 1 person with 1 dog. 

However, if you have two dogs of more than one breed, then we are happy to advise you on th evening of any diff requirements even though they arent’ in attendance with you. 

Not sure which furiend to bring with you?  Pop us a message and we’d be happy to help to ensure you get the most out of our workshop.


What breeds is the course suitable for?

Our workshop is suitable for all breeds – from big curly coats to short haired dogs, each furiend has grooming needs at home and therefore will find the workshop valuable. 


My dog hates being bathed/dryed – is this suitable for them?

While you won’t be bathing and drying your dog during the workshop, if they are very reactive to a grooming environment then it may not make sense to put them into panic/stress mode for a 2 hr workshop. 

In this case, I’d suggest using our DIY/self service option and speak to us about our Pawsitive Grooming University.


My dog is reactive – is this suitable for them?

We know how difficult it can be to find and book services when your furiend is reactive, and that you’ll be anxious too.

The answer is however.. It depends.  Mainly around what they are reactive to and also how they react.

If they are reactive to strangers/people then putting them in a grooming environment with other people and a groomer for a prolonged period of time may not be the best solution for them and instead increase their fear. But also if their reactivity has them skipping over warning steps straight to biting, we wouldn’t want to put them, you or our team in that position.

Our workshop isn’t designed to ‘solve’ issues with the grooming process that they have and time wise, this type of fear cannot be resolved in a couple of hours in a group setting. 

In all of these cases, we’d suggest some socialisation/de-sensitising sessions with us beforehand so we can work out the best approach.

However if your furiend just doesn’t like their feet being touched or something similar, we can help and show you tips and ticks during the workshop to help you put a plan in place to overcome at home..


What if I need help after?

Have a quick follow-up question on an area we covered during the workshop? 

Then we are of course happy to help and will be creating a facebook group where we’d love to see your photos grooming at home and also allow you to check in on any quick questions from the training.

Need more in depth or tailored support re styling your furiend? Then it’s time to consider checking out our 1:1 dog grooming training day.


I’d love to be a dog groomer, is this the right course for me?

As city and guild qualified dog groomers, we are big advocates for ensuring that you complete the right training before embarking upon a dog grooming career.

We’ve created a handy guide to the diff qualifications and routes below.


While this workshop will offer you an insight into part of being a dog grooming, this 2 hr session is purely for owners to gain confidence in basic day to day grooming at home and put in place the tools and techniques to support your furiends grooming journey.

It does not include any styling nor professional training. 

We do offer 1:1 training days – this is a 1 day training day that will allow you to groom your dog at home and may allow you to get a taster for what it would be like to become a dog groomer before you embark upon a longer and more costly training programme.


Do I need to purchase equipment in advance?

A big no. While we’ll provide you with a list of equipment and products tailored to your dog on uring the workshop, there is no need to buy in advance.

We do however recommend that you bring all of the equipment and products that you use with you – and we can review those with you to check suitability and identify any gaps.

Any products or tools purchased on the day will receive a 5% discount (eg. Shampoos, brushes etc).


How do I pay?

A non refundable payment in full is required at the point of booking.  


What if I need to cancel?

We all understand that life happens and things do come up. 

For us, we’ll have allocated the time and potentially turned people away and therefore as a small business we need to protect the team and our business and thus have clear terms for bookings.

So, if you need to cancel more than 2 weeks in advance then we retain £10 and the balance of £20 is refundable or you can opt to move the full value to a new date.

Less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation?  Then the full value is non refundable and we would not be able to reschedule the date. 


I’m not local, is there dog friendly accommodation nearby?

Of course! We live in a beautiful part of the world, with a stunning beach and local country park and just an hours drive from the Cairngorms

You could opt to hire Harley, our Luxury VW Campervan or check out our blog on dog friendly accommodation nearby.


What do I wear?

Overalls will be provided and we have PPE but we suggest comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. 

If in doubt, then you’ll find as groomers, we typically wear activewear leggings along with our grooming tops, or a dark tshirt/top with our apron.

But honestly – anything you are happy to get covered in some dog hair!


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