Clip-On Fleece Tug (For Dogs and Puppies)


Clip-On fleece tug toys for dogs and puppies! These are great toys for bringing fun and games on the go! They are a great tool to help keep your dogs eyes on you when out and about on walks.

This item can easily be attached to bags (including treat bags), leads, or to belt loops. These toys are great for any age of dog – perfect for puppies due to the soft nature of fleece, but also for the toughest tug players due to the sturdy weave used! This item is made of high quality anti-pill fleece. It is approximately 13 inches long (including clip) and an inch wide. Clip used is a lobster swivel clip in colour black oxide.


Various colours – assigned upon ordering

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Care Instructions

It is machine washable at 30 degrees, place inside a laundry bag or old pillowcase to protect the clip. Leave to air dry.

As with all toys, these toys are not indestructible and the dog should be supervised at all times while using this toy. Check the item regularly for any signs of wear and tear!