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July 24, 2023

SHED Happens! Our Exclusive Deshed Package

Take a moment and look down at what you are wearing today – exactly how many of your dog’s hairs can you find?  (emoji face!) 

Yep, I’m with you, there are too many to count and that white coat of my spaniels shows up everywhere and on everything!!! And I can’t cuddle Hope without being covered in hair right now! I love them … but.. argh! 

So with summer in full swing, and those furry coat changes, we can find that both our clothes and homes seem to suffer. But it’s not just about appearance, our furiends are also at risk or building up dander, allergies and itchiness if we don’t help them with deshedding. 

And let’s not forget about those matts and the increasing musky ‘dog’ smell.

All sound familiar? 

Well this month, I’m opening up very limited slots to take advantage of our SHED Happens spa package! 

Yep.. while I’ve been closed to new customers for some time, I’m doing a few limited one off slots purely for those furiends who’d benefit from deshedding. 


(not sure our Shed Happens package is for you but would like to enquire about a grooming slot then head over to our grooming services page HERE)


Our furiends at Peanut and Pickle have brought together an amazing combination of products that will help us banish those pesky stray hairs! From Mud Masks to Wrinkle Washes.. We’ve got you covered with everything from detoxifying kaolin clay to purifying witch hazel plant.

#1 Shed It Baby! Mud Mask

Combining the powerful detoxifying exfoliant that is kaolin with the conditioning goodness of Mango Butter, Chamomile infusion and Glycerin to create the perfect mud mask for our furry furiends. 

Mango butter which is made from the natural oil from mango seeds, acts as an amazing emollient to add slip and glide to the mask whilst offering rejuvenating qualities to the hair and skin. Chamomile is also a great source of flavonoids that help ensure that the coat has a super glossy sheen! 

#2 Herbalicious Shampoo

Green Clay acts as an exfoliant inside this fab shampoo whilst the addition of rosemary & nettle help add shine, lustre and rejuvenates the scalp/coat.  Rosemary is also a great natural antifungal making it the pawfect addition for that yeasty build up which can happen when a coat hasn’t had a good deshed! 

The powerful combination of essential oils (rosemary, geranium & petitgrain) is the perfect combination to the deshed treatment, helping deodorise and leave your furiend fresh! 

N.b we always shampoo twice as part of our grooming process

 #3  Hairy Mess – Deshedding Spray

Has that undercoat built up with tufts and feels compacted or sticky?  We’ll be adding extra conditioning with this silicon free detangler filled with luscious plant based goodness. 

For those geeks amongst us (don’t worry I’m one!), cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed rice protein is the main conditioning agent inside this spray. Don’t worry – all it means is extra long lasting moisture retention for super shiny glossy coats!  All in a lightweight conditioning spray. 

#4  Wrinkle Wash

Short haired face and/or have folds?  We know our furiends with folds can be sensitive so the wrinkle wash is specifically formulated with that in mind.

With Lavender, Peppermint and Witch Hazel Distillate, known for their colling, sooth and antifungal cleansing properties,  this natural wrinkle wash will ensure that we reach and clean every part of those super cute (and sometimes sensitive) faces. 

#5 Lemon Sherbert .. to finish! 

After their spa treatment, we’ll be finishing off our Shed Happens package with the watering scent of lemons, limes and  grapefruit in a parfum spray.  It’s the pawfect accompaniment to the Herbalicious shampoo and I’ll admit we’ve already tested it out this last weekend  .. and we love! 

Plus don’t forget that all of our Bath and Brush Out’s always include:

  • Personalised Facial 
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush and Comb Through
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Plucking (if required) and ear clean


Short coat dogs unite! Yep if your furiend is a frenchie, pug, lab, chihuahua, boxer.. This is for you.

But it’s also perfect for any furiend who has an undercoat. For e.g. it’s worked wonders on my sprocker spaniel Hope and a great choice for breeds such as pomeranians, chows, collies and even Newfies! 


Our normal deshedding packages start from £15 upwards depending on the size of your furiend.  BUT this package will be available as an add on for just £10 per furiend. 

Don’t forget your bath and brush out cost will be added to your total price, the £10 just covers the “SHED Happens” package.

If you are unsure what your furiends bath and brush out will cost – feel free to drop us a message HERE) to enquire. 


Time slots are available on Sunday 29th July only and there are a maximum of just 5 slots available

This is a one time opportunity to book in with myself/Lauren as we are currently closed to new customers bar this exlusive offer.

So .. yep, you will have to be quick to secure a slot! And we’ll be booking (HERE) on a first come first served basis. 

N.b both Craig and Beth are continuing to book in new customers for our normal grooming services and spa treatments  – you’ll find their booking info HERE.


How Do I Book?

The easiest way to book is to fill in our enquiry form HERE or reach out via social media. Just flag that you are looking to book the SHED Happens package.  

I Can’t Make These Dates, Will This be Available Again?

Afraid not.  These are time limited and due to demand on our grooming services, for now will be the only slots offered for this package and with Vicky/Lauren who currently have closed their books to new customers. 

You can check out our normal spa packages over HERE which does include our standard deshed treatments.

I have more than one dog.  Can I bring them both/all?

Absolutely, just let us know their info when booking. Depending on breed we may be able to accommodate them both at the same time. 

I already have a groom booked, can I add this on?

As these treatments take additional time, these are the only dates/slots that can have the packages added. 

If you have an existing appointment booked and would like to move into one of these slots then we can arrange this, OR drop a message to discuss adding our standard deshedding mud to your next appointment, time permitting. 

Do DeShedding Treatments Work?

Absolutely! Deshedding treatments can work wonders on dogs. And I know.. Of course we’d say that but just think of your own skincare at home.  We all notice the difference with a good body scrub, moisturiser and even hair conditioner, right?

Just imagine your pup shedding less hair and leaving fewer fur tumbleweeds around the house. It’s like magic where we do the hardwork for you! 

My dog hates being bathed/dryed – is this suitable for them?

Do they panic and show extreme stress? The answer is probably no, this isnt’ suitable for them! 

While happy to discuss, to get the benefit out of the full package, we do need to be able to bathe your dog, give them time to sit with products on (mud mask), dry and fully brush out your dog. 

And when deshedding, I cannot underestimate how important the drying and brushing out process is.

If you are looking to start to work on moving towards grooming with an anxious friend then do consider getting in touch re our sensitive dog university HERE or our 1:1 Grooming Training HERE. 

How do I pay?

All customers, new and existing, will be asked to pay £20 in advance towards their slot at point of booking. If this is not paid within 48hrs, the slot will be released. 

What if I need to cancel?

Unfortunately due to demand on grooming services, if you need to cancel, it will not be possible for us to rearrange your appointment. 

The £20 paid in advance is non refundable, and if cancelled less than 48hrs, 50% of total fee will be payable, less than 24hrs, 100% is payable as per our standard terms and conditions.

Ready to Book?

Just head over to our contact form HERE and mention the shed happens spa package.

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