Be:Calm – Dog Shampoo Bar (Be:Loved)


This natural shampoo bar is suitable for dogs (and cats!). Extra-moisturising goat’s milk, combined with the calming scents of lavender and chamomile, create a lovely lather at bathtime with this pet shampoo bar. Shampoo bars ensure your pet’s skin retains moisture, resulting in happier skin, silkier coats and happier pets!

Extensively tested on humans. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our pets.

Free from parabens & MIT.

Packaging and plastic free.


Goat’s milk, chamomile & lavender extracts, follicle boosters & botanicals

Net weight: 100g

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DIRECTIONS:Rub into your pet’s coat to work up a lather and rinse as you would any other shampoo… this is just in a bar, not a plastic bottle.

The Be:Loved Tale. Together, you’re two-of-a-kind. Show that you care with all-natural, handmade products that help pets to be clean, be protected and best of all, be pampered. Handpicked from hedgerows, these calming balms, soothing salves, scented shampoo bars and spritzes reassure sore paws and help nourish coats and tails to shine. Let your animals roam itch-free, odour-free, carefree.

Dote on them. They deserve it. Let them Be:Loved


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