Candy Cane Tug (For Dogs And Puppies)
Candy Cane Tug (For Dogs And Puppies)

A Christmas Special – the Candy Cane Tug! Spread the festive joy and enjoy some playtime with your pup! Perfect for all ages and breeds! 🎅🏻


This toy is made using high quality red & white anti-pill fleece.


This toy is approximately 40cm long.

These tug toys are a fab reward for all pets in training scenarios along with being just a fun tug toy for lots of tug-of-war action! Perfect for all ages and breeds. The fleece is super soft & gentle on the gums and teeth making our fleece toys ideal for all ages – including teething pups! Did you know that you can soak these toys in water and freeze them too? 🐾


*Please note that this toy is made exclusively of fleece and so during play it will not remain in the ‘candy cane’ shape. It can be bent back into the correct shape (if you want to get some cute Christmassy photos!)

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