Natural Instinct: Play Bone (large)

Large knuckle bones are suitable for larger breeds. Great for keeping your dog entertained for hours!

The knuckles are great for gnawing and the marrow in the bone shaft is a delicious treat that every dog can access.

Please ensure you select the right size bone for your dog.

N.b these are a frozen raw product

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Natural Rabbits Ears

JR Pet Products Natural Rabbits Ears are certainly very popular with dogs big and small!

Low in odour and fat, rabbits ears are also high in protein and help with teeth cleaning.

Made from 100% pure rabbits ears with no additives or artificial stuff, they’re also ideal for dogs with allergies or that have a sensitive tummy.

They only contain one ingredient – rabbit!

Bag Size – 100g

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Natural Rabbits Ears with Hair

A great low fat sensitive alternative to the popular pigs’ ears.

Perfectly air-dried

Easily digestible

A clean odourless treat to have in the house

Handy resealable bag

Bag Size – 100g

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Venison/Deer Skin With Hair (small)

JR’s 100% natural venison / deer skin with hair is perfect for satisfying your dog’s primal chewing instinct, fully digestible and a great natural de-wormer.

Venison is a nutritious premium novel protein, not only irresistible but healthy too!

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