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December 9, 2022

Product Recall: Bark and Bake Advent Calenders and Crackers

We have been informed by one of our suppliers of a product recall relating to two items that we sell.

While they have not been legally required to do a formal recall due to the nature of the issue, they have personally felt that this was the best and correct approach which we support.



Which Products are Impacted by the Product Recall?

The recall impacts both the Bark and Bake Advent Calender and also the Cracker.  Note this only relates to one item contained in both as all individual items are individually wrapped and sealed.  This is the Turkey biscotti which you can see in the upper right of this photo of ingredients in both products.


Note that due to careful batch tracking, we are aware that all of these two products that have been sold by Millie’s are within these batch numbers.

#1 Product: Advent Calender

Batches reported: 40012, 40013,40014, 40015,40016,40018

BBE Dates: April 2023, May 2023

#2 Product: Christmas Cracker

Batches reported: 40012, 40013,40014, 40015,40016,40018

BBE Dates: April 2023, May 2023


as such this also impacts our VIP Gift Box which all contain a Bark and Bake Cracker too.


Why the Recall?

It has been bought to Bark and Bake’s attention that some batches of the Turkey &Cranberry biscotti bites have evidence of mould before the stated Best Before Date.

This is due to faulty packaging and presence of moisture in some bites that have caused them to become mouldy.

Mould can and may cause sickness or an upset tummy, and thefore ideally should not be consumed.  However all microbiological tests have come back clear.


What Should I Do?

While Bark and Bake’s official recall notice is to return the products to the retailer, both I and Bark and Bake are acutely aware that posting these back to us will incur postal charges and time on your behalf.

In addition some individuals have wished to keep both items but just remove the biscotti elements.

As such we have agreed that any of these two products purchased from Millie’s will be refunded in full via ourselves, with majority not requiring any return of product due to our ability to track sales.

  • if you’ve purchased online, I can refund these automatically. and all will be actioned by Friday 16th (note – refunds may take 5-10 days to appear on card statements)
  • if you’ve purchased in shop and paid by card then I have been able to identify a number of transactions and again able to refund automatically. All will be actioned by Friday 16th (note – refunds may take 5-10 days to appear on card statements)
  • If you’ve purchased in the shop and paid by cash, then I’m afraid, I  will need you to return the item to us to obtain a refund.

Note this also applies to our gift boxes which will receive a partial refund.


If I Keep the Item, Do I need to Remove the Turkey Biscotti’s now?

Having checked with the team at Bark and Bake, there is no need to physically remove the Turkey Biscottis from the packaging now.  You can dispose of this once you open your gift box or cracker nearer Christmas.

The impacted item won’t contaminate any other items as they are all individually sealed.


As a small UK producer, we are absolutely gutted for the Bark and Bake team who take pride in their work. Again this incident has shown how important it is for us to ensure that are suppliers do adhere to careful tracking and labelling and follow all guidelines set out by regulators.  We so often have suppliers reach out to us to stock and quickly find they have no processes or Defra checks in place for their products and thus are very careful and considerate about which small UK businesses we work with.

While I know this may be concerning – this is another example of where their high standards and approach to quality have not waivered.

Vicky (Millie and Hope too) xx

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