Bird Food: Netless Fatballs

Netless Fat Balls Bulk box from the Treat ‘N’ Eat range by Sharples Pet

Wild bird feeding is the fastest growing area within the pet sector and, to meet all year round demand,Sharples Pet have developed a range of foods to help our feathered friends throughout the year!

High in valuble nutrition and energy, these foods provide year round sales and keeps your customers coming back…what more could you ask for?!

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Johnston & Jeff Selected Wild Bird Food (1kg bag)

An all year round seed blend with a higher proportion of black oil sunflower seeds for correct nutritional values. Designed to attract the widest variety of birds while using one type of feed.

It contains small seeds as well as cereals plus vegetable oil to increase feeding values.

Does NOT contain cheap fillers such as whole oats which have little nutritional value. Excellent for hanging feeders and can also be fed from a table. If two feeding points are used [feeder and table] then there are very few birds which will not take this mix.

Suitable for: Tits, Bramblings, Finches, Buntings, Dunnocks, Sparrow, Linnet, Nuthatch, Siskin, Yellow Hammer.

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Johnston & Jeff Sunflower Hearts (1kg)

These are bakery grade kernels produced from black oil sunflower seeds. This means they are from the sunflower which contains the highest levels of oil and therefore energy rather than the confectionery grade hearts which are mainly taken from medium and large striped sunflower. Our sunflower hearts are also put through a sortex machine which uses lasers to colour detect any black husk still remaining so producing a uniform and totally husk free sample.

Suitable for: Virtually all birds with the exception of maybe Pipits and Wrens which may take these if mealworms and insects are not available.

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Johnston & Jeff: Peanuts (1kg bag)

There are many different varieties and grades of nut. We choose the best from Runner or Virginia varieties. We avoid lower grades and ensure that our nuts are fresh AND free from mould and infestation. Ours are high in oils, proteins and energy and are an invaluable high energy and digestible food source.

Especially good for: Blue Tits, Bramblings, Bullfinches, Great Tits, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Nuthatch, Buntings, Siskin, Song Thrushes, Starlings

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Johnston & Jeff: Robin and Songbird Mix (1kg bag)

A no-mess product, to be fed all year, and is especially good for small and slender beaked species such as Wrens, Pipits, Mistle Thrushes, Linnets, and of course – particularly with mealworms in the mix – Robins.

Ingredients: sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, peanut granules, white millet, dried mealworms, vegetable oil.

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Supa Mealworm (250g bags)

Supa Dried Mealworms are a 100% natural highly nutritious protein rich treat for Wild Birds that will attract birds to your garden all year round.

Dried Mealworms can be fed as a treat or can be mixed in with other seed or suet pellets.

Since birds enjoy Dried Mealworms so much, there is hardly any wastage.

The type of birds that will be attracted to feed on the Dried Mealworms are: Robins, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Starlings plus many more varieties of birds.

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