All For Paws Chill Out Sprinkler Fun Mat Medium

The All For Paws Chill Out Sprinkler Mat is perfect for dogs that love water play during hot days!

The easy to use mat simply connects to any standard water hose and turns in to a fun, engaging cooling experience.

The non-slip central surface helps keep dogs from sliding around and the mat is easy to set up and store.

Includes a puncture repair patch and water hose connector.

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Chill Out Hydration Bone (Large)

Eye-catching dog toy which has been designed to quench dogs thirst in the summer.

#Simply soak the toy in water and the polyester sponge inside will absorb it.

Dogs will be able to drink while playing.

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Chill Out Lemon Slice: Dog Toy

Help your pet to chill out in the Summer months with the Pets at Home Dog Cooling Mat.

The mat is filled with a safe, non-toxic gel that starts 5 to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature, and helps cool your pet down. Perfectly suited to use on its own, the cool mat can also be used in your dog’s bed or even in a carrier for Summer trips to the beach, and mucky paw prints can be easily wiped clean.

Supervise during use, do not allow dogs to chew this product, if ingested seek medical advice. Suitable for all pets.

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Chill Out Orange Flyer: Dog Toy

Eye-catching dog toy which has been designed to quench dogs thirst in the summer.

Simply soak the toy in water and the polyester sponge inside will absorb it.

Dogs will be able to drink while playing.

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Chuckit Breathe Right Stick Small

3 ways to play: Kick it, tug it, throw it!Rope and handle self-store for convenient, safe play.Indentions make it easy for the dog to bite and catch during play

Recognizable Chuckit! Colors

Materials: EVA Foam, Oxford Fabric, Nylon Rope


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Chuckit Hydrosqueeze (Medium – 6.5cm)

The Chuckit! Hydro Squeeze Ball is a cooling water toy for your dog. The blue ball in the middle of the toy absorbs water like a sponge.

When your dog bites into the ball, the cool water will run into his mouth.

Thanks to its bright colours, the Hydro Squeeze Ball is highly visible on land as well as in the water.

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Chuckit! Rugged Flyer Dog Toy (Large – 29cm)

Designed to withstand rough play, the Rugged Flyer has a tough core with softer outer ridges so it’s easy to catch and pickup but won’t be punctured by dogs teeth. It’s ideal for play on both land and water.

Colours vary – allocated at order point (blue/orange)

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HOPE’s Tasty Training Treats (incl free Innocent Hound Training Treats): Our June Gift Bag

This Month’s Treat Bag is All About Tasty Training!

I know, I know. we did training treats last month but it flew off the shelf in record time, selling out on the day we launched! So it’s back but we’ve switched out lots of the contents to let you try out some new additions and our faves too!

As you know, when it comes to persuading your dog to learn something new or just reinforcing good behaviour, then great training treats can make all the difference.  Young or old, you’ll hear us talk about ‘high value’ treats and you won’t be surprised that we focus on 100% natural training treats too!

So, again,, we’ve pulled together more of Hope’s favourites for you to try out!  Filled with our favourite meaty training treats, these will keep the treat jar filled with some new items to try throughout May and encourage them throughout those training session.

Note the free Innocent Hound Training and Crab Treats are for Adult Dogs – we will substitute these for their puppy version if you have a pup under 1 year. Just pop a note in the order!


Wild Salmon Training Treats (50g)
Liver & Chicken Training Treats (150g)
2x Seabass Sticks
2x Pure Coins (1xTurkey, 1xChicken)
1x Lamb Pate (80g)
1x Peanut Butter Flavoured Reward Coins (100g)

and for a post training time treat – Bark and Bake
Tasty Tidbits

plus free Innocent Hounds Training Treats (Tuna & Crab Rewards) and our very own Millie’s Car Air Freshener ;0)

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HuggleHounds Unicorn Knottie Small
HuggleHounds Unicorn Knottie Small

Our original design—a friend for your best friend! Hugglehounds Knotties are the original knotted, plush dog toy! Knotties are the most durable plush dog toys available for dogs and puppies. All Knotties are made with exclusive Tuffut Technology, a durable three-layer lining on the inside that stays soft and cuddly on the outside.

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