AI Tie Out Cable With Spring
AI Tie Out Cable With Spring

Tie Out Cable with spring action safety recoil, for securing your dog safely outdoors. Strong and durable and with a plastic coating, making it weather resistant. The tangle free cable easily attaches to a tie out stake, post or overhead line.

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Beco Dog Bowl: Collapsible Travel Bowl for Dogs (Large)

A food and water bowl that folds flat, making it ideal for travelling.

It fits into bags, cars and even some pockets so your howling hound will never miss a meal. It is made from flexible and hardwearing BPA free silicone.
Size – Large


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Coco Jojo Cooling Dog Bandana

Made from a cotton/polyesterfabric material, Coco Jojo Cooling Dog Bandana will keep your pet cool on the hot summer days.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for hot weather
  • Great when on a walk or just around the home
  • Fast effective cooling solution for your pet
  • Comfortable and non toxic.
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DoggyRade: Isotonic Drink (250ml)
DoggyRade: Isotonic Drink (250ml)

Dogs tend to lose fluids and electrolytes through exercise, if they lose too much fluid it can lead to dehydration.

Water alone does not replace lost electrolytes. DoggyRade contains the necessary electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate, and contains prebiotics which help to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

Make your dog’s day with a refreshing, energy-boosting, isotonic drink with a great chicken taste they will love!

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DoggyRade: Pro Isotonic Drink (500ml)
DoggyRade: Pro Isotonic Drink (500ml)

DoggyRade Pro helps dogs go from anorexia to appetite. It is an isotonic rehydration drink for dogs, formulated for use in veterinary patients. It helps dogs recover from intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea and supports rehydration.

Vomiting and/or diarrhea is the most common cause of acute illness in dogs. DoggyRade Pro:

Is helpful in support of gastroenteritis, pancreatitis and other illnesses

Can be used in the management of intestinal disorders such as acute diarrhea

Can be used in the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance

Contains electrolytes and easily absorbable carbohydrates

The aromatic chicken smell entices dogs to drink. DoggyRade Pro contains amino acids, prebiotics and balanced electrolytes, to facilitate the replacement of those lost due to illness. It helps prevent dehydration and caters for all dogs recovering from illness.

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EzyDog:  Dog Click Seat Belt
EzyDog: Dog Click Seat Belt

The EzyDog ‘CLICK’ Dog Car Restraint is effectively a seat belt for dogs. Simply attach it to your dog’s harness and ‘click’ the buckle into the seat belt socket and your dog is safely restrained in your vehicle.

What’s more, the Click Dog Seat Belt ensures compliancy with Rule 57 of the highway code.

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EZYDOG: DFD X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket

The EzyDog X2 Boost is the second generation of our best-selling Dog Life Jacket/Buoyancy Aid.

Our new design offers the same high amount of flotation, new features and a custom fit.

We have all sizes in stock (though colours may be limited), so if unsure, do pop into our shop to try on and for advice. 

We do also have dog lifejackets for daily hire (if purchasing after a hire you will receive 10% off) if you’d like to try before buying or think you’ll change sizes quickly (puppies!).

Pop us a message or call for info on hiring a dog lifejacket (local collection from our shop in Carnoustie only.


If item is on backorder – will take approx 48hrs to be delivered to us.

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EzyDog: Dog Seat Belt Restraint
EzyDog: Dog Seat Belt Restraint

The EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint attaches to the seatbelt in your car and is designed to keep your dog secure during car journeys.

What’s more, this Dog Seat Belt ensures compliancy with Rule 57 of the highway code.

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