Beco Dog Bowl: Collapsible Travel Bowl for Dogs (Large)

A food and water bowl that folds flat, making it ideal for travelling.

It fits into bags, cars and even some pockets so your howling hound will never miss a meal. It is made from flexible and hardwearing BPA free silicone.
Size – Large


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Beco: Dinner Time Placemat
Beco: Dinner Time Placemat

A mat to stop your dog’s bowl slipping and sliding around as they eat. Made from food grade silicone, this mat grips onto the floor to keep dinner in one place. The raised edge helps to catch any spillages.

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Beco: Sustainable Classic Bamboo Bowl (various colours avail)
Beco: Sustainable Classic Bamboo Bowl (various colours avail)

Dogs will always love them for the dinner they serve. Now a bowl that you can love too. An understated bowl for contemporary living. With its classic and simple design, this sustainably made bamboo food and water bowl sits comfortably in any home. A range of prints and patterns to complement your style.

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Hook Stainless Steel Coop Cup 300ml
Hook Stainless Steel Coop Cup 300ml

From Classic’s range of Quality Feeding Dishes, Hook On Coop Cups each have a single strong wire bracket which simply hooks onto the bars of your pets cage or pen and the dish simply slots in for ease of filling and emptying.

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KONG: Tikr (Large)

KONG Tikr delivers long-lasting mental stimulation with a timer activated treat dispenser that sparks intrigue with a varied release of treats. The auto-rotating holes control the pace of dispensing and can be set for up to 45-minutes. Once the timer is set, Tikr ticks and rolls time activated dispensing that continues to fuel engagement while rewarding positive natural foraging instincts.

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Lickimat Wobble

Fun wobble food toy for cats and dogs.

Spread on soft tasty food for many minutes of fun.

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Lickimat Dog Treat Mat
Lickimat: Dog Treat Mat

Lickimats have quickly become one of our best sellers helping owners find a way to both slow down meal times or provide an enrichment activity for their dogs (and cats!)

Create tasty treats by spreading on soft foods, like yoghurt and make a treat that lasts many minutes. Licking releases endorphins so can help relax anxious animals.

Don’t forget that Lickimat Playdate and Buddy work great as a slow feeder for cats too!

Note – comes in several colours including green, orange, pink and purple, if you have a preference please indicate at checkout and we’ll do our best to ensure you get the right colour!

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Mason Cash Splatter Gold Rim Bowl (15cm)

Hard wearing, durable, practical and difficult to top over.

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Pet Dream House: PAW Slow Feeder Activity Bowl

PAW Slow Feeder: Eating too fast can be unhealthy for dogs which can cause digesting issues, but a super tricky eating game may annoy them too!

We believe a fun slow feeding game is better than to make it difficult to eat.

The PDH PAW Slow Feeder provides a large feeding area with various surface shapes, imitating the hunting behaviour to make sure dogs always have a fun, slow-eating meal in a natural way.

It contains two standard bowls (85mlx2), two with gulp-stoppers (70mlx2), and one mini-meal area (190ml) which separates food into smaller compartments.

Made with FDA compliance food grade plastic, it is freezer friendly and dishwasher safe, suitable for both dry and wet food.

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Rùn: Mixed Sea Fish Cold Pressed Complete Adult Dog Food
Rùn: Mixed Sea Fish Cold Pressed Complete Adult Dog Food

Cold pressed & nutritious – this recipe has been scientifically crafted with your dog in mind

A complete and balanced food for Adult dogs

How to get the most out of your premium cold pressed dog food:

  • Switching from another brand or food type? Don’t rush. Tummies need a little time to get used to all the natural and yummy ingredients.
  • Don’t worry if your dog seems hungrier between means at the start. It’s because our food won’t expand in their tummies, which is a good thing. It’ll settle as they adjust to their healthy, new diet.
  • Feed your way – dry or moist. Our dogs love a little warm water stirred in!
  • Are you raw feeding or thinking of trying it? Cold pressed food is totally compatible with raw.
  • Got a good dog? Well of course you do!!  Why not weigh out some dust from the bottom of the bag and make a lovely gravy with a little warm water – such a treat.
  • Store in a cool dry place. And ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.
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West Paw Zogoflex Echo Rumbl
West Paw Zogoflex Echo Rumbl

The West Paw Design Zogoflex Zogoflex Echo Rumbl is a fun interactive puzzle toy for your dog which is extra tough.

(Please note: Due to Rumbl’s unique design, Rumbl performs best with dry treats or kibble.)

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West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl


West Paw’s Qwizl is a super tough treat toy that’s brilliantly designed to extend the life of expensive dog treats while keeping dogs busy. Side openings release scent and taste while the continuous interior hole allows treats to extend out. Flexible ridges grip multiple sizes of treats.

Why we love it:

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