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January 24, 2024

Our 2024 Price Increase – Dog Grooming

Firstly, I want to just say that we really wouldn’t be here without the continued support of all of our amazing customers and furiends.

But as groomers and service businesses up and down the country start to share their plans for price increases for the year ahead, it only felt right to share our own as early as possible to help you plan.

Dog Grooming Price Increase From 1st February 2024

For 2024, all full grooms and bath and brush outs will be increasing by £5, with all other spa service pricing remaining unchanged (for e.g mud baths, prem shampoo and teeth cleaning).

So while we are taking all possible action to reduce our costs, we do need to raise prices to deliver the same high standard of care and service to you while ensuring we pay our team fairly (recognising a significant living wage increase and overhead/supply costs continuing to soar)

BUT… as with previous years I recognise that times are tough and if I could hold prices, hand on heart, then we would. We VALUE YOUR SUPPORT & WANT TO HELP!

So …. I won’t be implementing our price rise until 1st February ’24 instead of 1st January.

This allows time for anyone who feels that they need to make adjustments to their grooming to have time to discuss and review with us and/or amend their future bookings. And I completely understand if you feel you need to shop around based on price so please do just let us know if you need to cancel to ensure we don’t apply any late cancellation fees or no show fees.

In addition, we’d be more than happy to talk to you if you’d like specific individual advice on how to bring the cost of your dog grooming down . This may include:

🐶 suggested actions at home to reduce time that we take to groom your furiend (i.e. reducing matting and knots);

🐶 adjustments to style to aid frequency and/or timing;

🐶 tools/products which can be used at home;

Or you may choose to explore making use of our grooming course (both group and 1:1 days available – info HERE).

Unfortunately pushing out grooming frequency, without taking any of these actions, could result in an increase price as we would need to add matting charges, so please do speak to us.

We do want to help and we love seeing your furiend both comfortable and looking their best too!

Along with posting reminders re our price increase to socilal media pages, I will also be sending out texts to all exisiting customers during Jan to ensure that everyone is notified.

If you have any questions or if you would like to confirm your new price do just ask.

But most importantly and as always….. a huge huge thank you for all of your support! 🐶❤

Note – this applies purely to Millie’s customers, Craig (Dalhousie Dogs) and Michelle (Doxies Day Spa) will communicate directly to their customers any changes that apply.

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