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March 5, 2018

Millie’s Digest: Prosecco and Puppies PAWTY, Enrichment Ideas and Agility


What!??! I know.. after being early last week, I’m now a day late with our Millie’s Digest. I blame the snow…


Millie's Digest 5th March



What’s Been Going on At Millie’s Pet Services?


#1  Our Unicorn Giveaway

So thrilled to have been able to deliver our huge unicorn to Lynn early in the week. Now I wonder what we can run a comp for next!?!?!?!?!


#2  FURSday Blog

We’re continuing to talk about dog grooming but this weeks blog arms you with the questions that you should consider asking when hunting for a dog groomer. You can find all of the questions you could ask over HERE on the blog.


#3 Next Available Grooming Appointment

We are now fully booked up to the 22nd March. Do just hit reply or give us a call on 01241 857893 if you’d like to secure the last few March dates. If we have any changes, I’ll make sure we post those dates over on Facebook HERE.


#4 Prosecco and Puppies PAWTY!

In the last couple of hours, I’ve just hit publish on tickets to our very first prosecco and puppies party which will take place at Gather. We cannot wait … and of course, dogs are allowed (not just pups!). You can find all the info and link to book over on our Facebook Event Page HERE.

Prosecco and Puppies Pawty


Note £5 from all ticket sales will be going to Animal Rescue Centre in Arbroath and have just 12 doggy spaces (6 are sold at the time of writing so just 6 left!).



What I’ve Been Reading/Watching:

  • Over this last week, I’ve been looking into ways to use clothing to make doggy items (don’t you just love Pinterest). It’s like Facebook was listening to me and up popped two fab videos:
    • how to make a dog bed from a sweatshirt which you can view HERE
    • how to make dog sweaters from your own sweaters, which you can view HERE

    Perfect for these cold ‘spring’ days!


  • With snow restricting our ability to get out in the car for a couple of days, I read and followed a LOT over in the Canine Enrichment Facebook Group which you can find HEREI seriously love the ideas in this group, perfect for mentally tiring out your dog and love seeing how many people enjoy the LickiMATs that we now stock and Kong Quest range too.


  • Rae who is organising the GREAT GLAMIS GREYHOUND WALK has kindly agreed for me to share the details for all sighthound owners. Not sturdy footwear essential and all dogs to be on leads during the walk. for further information email rae_dick@aol.com

SUNDAY 11TH.MARCH 2018 – 11.30AM


Please note Sighthounds ONLY


What’s in Millie’s Shopping Cart:

It’s that S word again and like so many dog owners, we’ve been trying to keep an eye on Millie’s paws. They are looking a little tired and dry from to much snow time so we’ve stolen some of our Wildwash Paw Balm to apply at home.

As a dog who is never going to accept boots or socks and occasionally has had skin sensitivities, the Wildwash Healing Paw Balm is perfect. 100% organic made with sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka it can also be used on dry spots, hot spots, cuts and grazes.



We heard last week that Wildwash has won its second award this year, for the Best Small Stand at BETA International 2018. We’re never disappointed with their products to use at home and thrilled that we chose them for our grooming area too!


Our Must Visit Business of The Week – Dundee Alsatian and Training Club:

I spoke to Dundee Alsatian and Training Club earlier in the week as I’m still on the hunt for agility or a training class for Millie which I can work around our opening hours. You may not think they are for you by the name but their classes do accept all breeds which you can see from a quick look at their Facebook HERE.

As well as running classes on a Sunday (yippeeeeee), they also arrange a number of fun shows and agility shows too. This includes an event at Glamis Castle later this year from the 17th to 19th August (info HERE).

Well worth checking out if you are thinking of new way to bond with your dog or just have fun!


Until the next Millie’s Digest.. have a fab week!

Vicky (and Millie too) xx


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