Millie’s Digest: A Giant Unicorn, Wallace Vets Photo Comp and Mother’s Day Inspiration


We spotted a lot of our FURiends out today enjoying a spring-like day – if you were down on the beach today, wasn’t it so peaceful? I’ll have my fingers crossed the rest of the week stays super mild for us all, but in the meantime, here’s our weekly digest!


Millie's Digest 18th February



What’s Been Going on At Millie’s Pet Services?


#1  FURSday Blog

We love a good dog-friendly adventure, so we’ve shared a blog all about our stay at the Brecon Retreat. It may involve a mammoth journey to get there but well…. they did pick up the Dog-Friendly award for being the No.1 place to stay in the UK. Read all about our visit HERE.

#2  Sunday Bites

Between beach walks, we managed to mix up some yummy peanut butter and carrot biscuits for the three musketeers and you can find the full recipe HERE. As it’s the last in our Sunday Bites series next week, I’d love to know if you have special requests? Just hit reply!

#3  Next Available Grooming Dates

We have one appointment available this coming Friday 23rd in the morning, otherwis, our next appointment is Thursday 1st March (4 pm). Do just hit reply or give us a call on 01241 857893. If we have any changes, I’ll make sure we post those dates over on Facebook HERE.

#4  Lily’s Kitchen and Pooch and Mutt Sale

As the spring clean continued, I’ve taken 20% off a small number of Lily and Pooch and Mutt bags that we have in stock. You’ll find the full information pinned to the top of our Facebook Page HEREWe can offer delivery and payment online (given these are huge bags!).


#5  Can You Give Our Unicorn A New Home?

If you haven’t heard, we’re giving away the huge unicorn which was part of our Christmas window display. If you haven’t entered, then you can do so HERE, but if you have entered, make sure you drum up some more entries by sharing with our friends. Not long to go now!




What I’ve Been Reading/Watching:

I enjoyed this article (HERE) that talks about why vets charge so much. If you think it’s all down to high Vet salaries, then do give this a read… you may be surprised.

Talking of Vets, Wallace Vets Photo Comp is now open (HERE). I love that so many of our furiends are in this comp… now who to vote for ;0) Good luck to everyone who has entered!!

Dundee & Angus Canicross are now taking over the local Park run in Dundee and are hosting an intro to Canicross session. Perfect opportunity to see what I’ve been harping on about and give it a go/ask questions. You can find all the info over on their Facebook events page HERE.

Grab a tissue and watch this amazing video from the Blue Cross where pet owners like us share their first true love. Dive into the comment to share your own story.



What’s in Millie’s Shopping Cart:

Beef Pipes and Venison Cubes… don’t they sound yummy? Well maybe only to our doggy furiends!

We’ve been trying out Natural Instinct Beef Pipes to compare them to the Natures Menu Beef Trachea, both of which are in raw dog food treat range. When it comes to our raw dog treat selection, we’ve been finding sizes and pricing can vary between these two large suppliers to continuing to put our chief tester through her paces.

Having had a chat with Luther’s pawrents who have also tried both, we’d agree that Natures Menu win on the meat front, but Natural Instinct Beef Pipes seem better value for money and larger too! We’ll continue to keep adjusting our stock as we contrast and compare but it looks like the Beef Pipes are here to stay!

Another of our furiends, Daisy, also seemed to love her’s on Saturday night too!



Our Must Visit Business of The Week – Impressive Memories:

I know, I know… we’ve only just gotten Valentine’s Day out of the way but we all know that you’ll forget all about Mother’s Day if you don’t start looking for inspiration now.

Some of you may remember Jen, from Impressive Memories, who was in the shop before Christmas for a little pop-up event. She’s pulled together this great gift guide for the day HERE.

Or maybe you’d like a little gift from your furiend on the day…. I’ve still got my eye on a nose print necklace!


Until the next Millie’s Digest.. have a fab week!

Vicky (and Millie too) xx


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