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February 11, 2018

Millie’s Digest: Our new FURiend gallery, Dog-Friendly Dundee and a View From the Slow Lane


Brrrr!!! It’s been a tad cold today but with the sun shining, I hope you’ve had a fun day? Grab a hot choc and make the time for a few minutes reading Millie’s Digest…..


Millie's Digest 11th February



What’s Been Going on At Millie’s Pet Services?


#1  FURSday Blog

This weeks’ blog covering all the dog walkers in Carnoustie has been long overdue an update. So, a big thank you to Hilary who prompted the update by asking for our recommendations earlier this week. If you are looking for a dog-walker then I’d start with this full listing HERE.

#2  Sunday Bites

I was so grateful of the feedback from a couple of customers this week who have been trying out our recipes. This week involved ‘pupcakes’ and the peanut butter and bananas are back! You can find the full recipe for our Peanut Butter and Banana cupcakes over HERE.

#3  Next Available Grooming Dates

Our next available appointment is on Thursday 22nd at 4 pm and Friday 23rd at 2.30 pm. Do just hit reply or give us a call on 01241 857893. If we have any changes, I’ll make sure we post those dates over on Facebook HERE.

#4  Fresh From The Sewing Machine

I’ve been raiding our fabric stash and now have a number of new bandannas now in stock. As always, this includes some Liberty Fabric Bandannas (swoon) and designer fabrics such as Michael Miller. All 100% cotton and double sided to make sure your FURiend continues to look dapper!

#5  Lickimats Have Landed

And at £3.89 they have been flying out of the door. Our chief testers have been hard at work testing these so I’ll get a full review posted asap!

#6  Our Furiend Gallery 

While I’m still adding to the album, I’ve been slowly adding all of our FURiends into one photo album over on Facebook HERE. Can you spot your own pawsome four-legged friend??



What I’ve Been Reading/Watching:

If you are planning holidays or trying to work out how to squeeze more in, wild camping might be the perfect solution for a dog-friendly escape. We have our own wild camping night planned as soon as it’s warm enough too, so it’s no surprise this article HERE caught my eye in The Scotsman. It covers 12 of the best wild camping spots in Scotland and you’ll spot that one is in Angus!

If you have a Facebook account and are a dog owner, then its 99% likely that you’ve been tagged or sent this link. But just in case you haven’t yet spotted The Evening Telegraph ran an article (HERE), covering the online map that has been created by a Dundee designer covering all the dog-friendly places in the city.

If you’ve read our previous Millie’s Digest, then you know we love a good dog with a ‘job’ story. Meet Snipe who is a 16-month-old cocker spaniel and Britain’s first sniffer dog trained to hound down water leaks. Find out about Snipe and his new job HERE.


Working cocker spaniel snipe



What’s in Millie’s Shopping Cart:

Now I love Millie, but she is the only dog out of our family of three who insists on rolling in …. well EVERYTHING!!!

It’s for this reason that 2 years ago, I found myself on Twitter asking the dog owner community for recommendations to help get rid of the smell of fox poo! Yep… fox poo, dead fish, dead birds, horse dung…. she loves rolling in them all.

So many people recommended Stinky Dog Shampoo by Wildwash that I couldn’t ignore it and it’s the only thing that has really worked. The more I found out about Wildwash the more I liked, and we know use their full range in our grooming parlour.

But I’ll get back to Millie’s Cart this week… yep, Stinky Dog shampoo has been required today. Yeuch!!!


Our Must Visit Business of The Week – View From The Slow Lane:

If you’ve been in the shop, you’ll know we love vintage, colour and all things classic! And if you’ve seen our sister business Millie’s Beach Huts, this weeks’ recommendation will come as no surprise (though I cannot believe I only stumbled up on them on Instagram this week).

Yep – you can hire a stunning VW campervan through this fab company View From The Slow LaneAnd of course, they allow dogs (£20 per dog per trip).

Based just outside Arbroath you can hire for weddings and holidays, but I’ve got my eye on Little Miss Sunshine for the pawfect adventure. Road Trip anyone?


Until the next Millie’s Digest.. have a fab week!

Vicky (and Millie too) xx


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