Matting Policy

If during our check in or grooming process, we discover that your furiend has one or more areas of matting to their coat, then all team members are trained to put the wellbeing off your furiend first before ‘style’. 

As such, in alignment with this policy, your furiend may require being shaved short to remove the concerned coat, which may involve shaving close to the skin to relieve the discomfort caused by tight matting. 

Additional fees may be charged due to the time required for matt removal and the damage caused to grooming equipment when dealing with coats in poor condition.

Under the ‘Animal Welfare Act 2006’ we cannot cause pain, suffering, injury or disease and therefore we can terminate a groom if it is deemed that your furiend requires veterinary attention at any point during the matt removal process.

In addition to causing pain and injury pre their grooming appointment, matting poses additional risks during the grooming process. Although we always aim to prevent injury to your dog while in our care, removal of matting can result in the following:

  • Discovery of skin bruising causes by the coat being too tight to the skin for some time
  • Hematoma of the ear, tail, or skin.  A hematoma is caused by an area of skin which has had the blow flow restricted for some time, being allowed to have blood flow back into the area.
  • Discovery of injuries which occurred prior to grooming 
  • Grazing or cutting of the skin during the matt removal process

Please also ensure you fully read our aftercare advice in the appendix. 

Any health issues found or injuries which occur must be cared for by a vet. We will not be held accountable for injury incurred from the removal of matted hair. 

Note that if your furiend already struggles with the grooming process, then matting can further heighten their fear and stress. If we feel that there is a risk to either ourselves or them by continuing, we will stop the groom, with full amount payable and advise you to seek vet advice. 

If you require advice re: how to prevent matting ongoing and manage the coat change which happens as a puppy transitions to adulthood (increasing risk of matting), then please do talk to the team and we can provide you with a leaflet and personalised advice around your own furiend.

Appendix 1 – Matting Shave Off – Aftercare

Occasionally and where a furiend has had a significant shave off, you may find them acting strangely.  And understandable this might raise some concerns by you as their owner. 

Firstly – it’s important to remember that as a groomer, we’ve done the best and kindest thing for them.   But naturally your furiend is now feeling the impact of that ‘relief’.

When a dog is knotty or matted, their skin is being pulled and whilst removing the knots or matting is a relief, it feels really weird.

Think about a scenario when you’ve had your hair in a tight ponytail all day long and it’s starting to hurt a bit. You have a build up of tight pain across your head until you’re able to take your hair down.   When you do, you get relief in that area but it also feels a little strange too, doesn’t it?

Multiple this to being that same feeling all over your body after a ‘shave off’. Understandably your furiend may may now be acting a little strange or out of sort due to that feeling. 
But also they now have a rush of air to skin that was previously covered, stopping circulation, so they may be feeling a sensation like pins and needles as that circulation restarts and they may even feel colder now too.

Not sure what to do? Firstly lots of praise and telling them they look fab does help! Dogs definitely pick up on our disappointment and concern when they see them shaved off. They may also need a little extra comfort from jumpers/coats if during the winter season too!

However if this lasts more than a day or two and you’re concerned, then please do contact your vet for advice.

Last Updated 30th December 22