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July 17, 2023

Looking for a Secure Dog Field in Angus or Dundee?  3 Secure Dog Fields Available for Hire

Last week we were chatting to one of our grooming customers who were off to spend time at a local secure dog field in Angus. With a spaniel who’s’ recall isn’t the best, they make time to book out a regular slot and they aren’t the only customer that we’ve found increasingly making use of secure dog fields.

However, as secure dog fields feel fairly new within the pet industry and the numbers are quite limited in Scotland, you might not know what to expect or where you can find one. So we’ve pulled together all the information in one place to help you find the pawfect secure dog field in Angus or Dundee.

You know the drill by now.. Cuppa and a furiend by your side for cuddles? Yep? Lets dive in….

What is a Secure Dog Field?

Imagine a giant playground just for your furry friends, where they can run, jump, and do zoomies to their heart’s content, all in a safe and secure environment. Sounds great doens’t it? And that’s exactly what a secure dog field is.

Typically a secure dog field is fully enclosed space, sometimes with a parking space that is separately enclosed too, that allows you to let your dog off lead and have them roam freely. Think worry free time as you won’t be concerned that they disappear on an unsupervised rabbit-chasing adventure. Yep.. I’m THAT spaniel owner..

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Facilities and size can range greatly between them so do check out website and social media links before booking to understand what each one offers. While you’ll find water stations and poo bag dispensers at most, several have also invested in agility equipment to make your session a little bit more fun too!


5 Reasons to Use a Secure Dog Field

So why should you consider using a secure dog field? Surely the local country park is more than ok for those dog walks?

Well, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog, then it’s likely that you already have your own reasons for using a secure dog field or exercise area.

And while everyone’s list tends to start with safety, and our list does too, we’ve found there are five reasons to use a secure dog field:

#1 Safety and Control

When out dog walking in public spaces, there are lots of factors out of our control, and that’s before we even talk about how our own dog behaves (or misbehaves!).

Discarded food, other owners, and their dogs, children, wildlife, cars, traffic, noises … the list does seem to be endless. For lots of dogs and owners, this can be great socialisation and fun, but for others or during training, it can be a safety concern.

Using an enclosed space which you can hire for yourself, not only eliminates those factors but by doing so it also minimises the possibility of accidents by offering a controlled and safe environment for your furry friend to explore, play, and burn off that energy that seems to just build out of nowhere!

#2 Can Aid Socialisation

Socialisation is a vital role in a dog’s overall mental and emotional well-being.

A secure dog field offers a controlled environment for your dog to interact with other dogs that you have personally chosen to socialise with – freely, without the risk of potential altercations or conflicts that may arise in public spaces. Most secure fields allow mulitple dogs when you hire – so find your furiends best furiends to join you for a fun dog play date!

By allowing your dog to socialize and bond with their peers, you can foster confidence, improved behavior, and enhance their overall social skills too.


#3 Peace of Mind for You as a Dog Owner

The peace of mind that comes with utilising a secure dog field cannot be overstated.

Knowing that your dog is contained within a safe space alleviates the fear of them getting lost or injured during off-leash play. Which means, you can relax and enjoy observing your dog’s play time and interacting with them too.

Great bonding time for both of you and much more fun compared to a potential tense, shorter walk in public space.

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#4 Training and Recall Reinforcement

Secure dog fields offer the pawfect space for working on training and reinforcing those recall commands.

Whether you’ve a young puppy or an older dog who needs a little support, a secure dog field allows you to practice off-leash training exercises in a controlled setting, without the distractions of busy streets or unfamiliar surroundings.

You could even invite along friends to help practice those skills around some distractions before venturing out into the wider world.

Personally I’d still recommend making use of a long line in and out of a secure dog field. Using one in both settings will help you both with building trust, confidence and that gradual transition to safe off lead fun.

You’ll find our recommendation for long lines HERE along with the other training equipment recommendations that we get asked the most for.

#5 Freedom to Exercise & Play

Dogs have boundless energy that needs to be released each day, and a secure dog field provides the perfect setting for vigorous exercise and play.

Unlike our small gardens that they sniff every day or if you are currently restricted to on lead walks, they’ll be able to run, chase balls, explore, and burn off excess energy.

Sofa’s and snoozes incoming!


3 Secure Dog Fields Available to Hire in Angus and Dundee

So now you know what they are the benefits of using a secure dog field. Where can you find one in Angus?

#1 Drumgley Dog Park – Easter Drumgley, Forfar. DD8 1PW

2 acres of 6ft fenced, secure field for exclusive use.

While there isn’t huge amount of information online, the reviews are fab and it’s great to see toys, trees and more for your furiend to sniff, scratch, jump on and pose!! During winter there are solar floodlights plus a festive photo selfie station for those darker fun off lead sessions.

Prices start at 30 min session from up to 4 dogs from £6.50
Website and BookingsDrumgley Dog Park
Social MediaFacebook

#2 PawsnRun – Newton of Kirkbuddo, Forfar, DD8 2NF

Situated in rural Angus, Paws n Run offers a fully fenced secure exercise field to run, play and train your furry friends in safety.

Set within 1.5 acres, they provide the ideal secure fully fenced retreat, overlooking the stunning Angus hills, whether you are a trainer, professional dog walker, looking to socialise your puppy, to practice your recall or just have an anxious or reactive dog who needs peace and quiet, privacy and space to run, play, have fun and exercise without the worry of distractions or unexpected meetings, they provide the ideal location for all.

A fully enclosed car park big enough for several cars and you can also take full advantage of Kohl’s kabin, hosting seating, first aid, emergency contacts and a doggy tuck shop where you can buy treats and poo bags.

They also have a large field shelter (Saoirse’s shelter) within the field, to provide emergency shelter from the elements.

Pricing – starts at 30 min session from up to 4 dogs from £6.50
Website and Booking InformationHome Page (pawsnrun.co.uk)
Social Media Links Facebook

#3 The Scurry – Auchterhouse, Dundee. DD3 0QN

Two private hire fields in Auchterhouse, Dundee which offer secure areas where your dogs can run free. They are secured by deer fencing and rabbit netting, secure locked gates and a secure parking area leading into the fields. The fields are separated by deer fencing, rabbit netting and vision screening.

The Flush is a grass field with a gated section with planting and low fences. This is used for less distraction, running free and training. The Scurry field is a doggy playground! Both fields have their own shelters, seating and dog bowls.

The carpark has a locker where you can collect biodegradable poo bags, puppy bowls, dog first aid kit, emergency cooling blanket and communal dog toys. Plus plenty of fresh water and a mud daddy that can be used to shower off your dog.

Pricing – 1 hr slot for up to 4 dogs from £10
Website and Booking InformationThe Scurry Secure Dog Exercise Fields
Social Media LinksFacebook


Are You Looking Further Afield for a Dog Secure Park?

If you are looking outside of Angus or Dundee while on adventures, the following secure dog parks get great reviews and well worth the trip to explore:

In Summary

A secure dog field/park offers a huge number of benefits for both your dog and you!

From safety to socialisation, training reinforcement, and burning off all that excess energy, I’m thrilled to see more of this type of business opening up in the area. They are the perfect retreat for dogs to thrive mentally and physically while taking some of the stress away from off lead walks in public.

And don’t forget even if you feel your dog is safe and secure with their normal off lead walks, it’s a great opportunity to sniff out somewhere new and … lets just say I have my eye on one for Millie and Hope’s next birthday celebrations!

Jump into the comments and let us know:

  • Have you used one of the secure dog fields? We’d love to know if you enjoyed?
  • Do you know of other secure dog fields in the Dundee and Angus area? We’d love to add them!

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