January 4, 2021

January Monthly Offers: Slow Feed Activity Bowls and Forthglade Wet Dog Food Multipacks

I’ll be completely honest and say that I’ve avoided doing year round ‘discounts’ for the three years we’ve been in business.  I do not want Millie’s to be somewhere ‘cheap’ by running constant sales as feel this will undermine what we are all about – quality food and treats, tailored to you and your dogs needs.  But we do want to ensure our furiends, and you as pawrents, get the best value possible too.

However, one of the benefits of working directly with our suppliers rather than purely sourcing through one big wholesaler is that we can and do get access to occasional promotional offers.

So with our January SAVE-UARY theme firmly at the front of our minds, we are introducing a new monthly offer where we pass this benefit of these through to our pawrents, without comprising on quality.

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So from now on expect 1 or 2 offers each month but note that they are likely to be limited stock for these offers too.   Once they are gone, they are gone!

You’ll always find these displayed in our central window display or HERE in our monthly offer category in our online shop.

So what’s in store for January…


#1   Save 40% on Slow Feeder Activity Bowls – Now £6 (previously £9.99)

Eating too fast can be unhealthy for dogs which can cause digesting issues, but a super tricky eating game may annoy them too! We believe a fun slow feeding game is better than to make it difficult to eat.

The Pet Dream Home PAW Slow Feeder provides a large feeding area with various surface shapes, imitating the hunting behaviour to make sure dogs always have a fun, slow-eating meal in a natural way.

Raw feeders or those who feel more than one type of food at mealtimes will love this! However, any dog pawrent can either use this for your normal mealtime routine or use the multiple surfaces for some canine enrichment too with treats.



Click Image to Buy via our Online Shop


Not sure what to use on your slow feeder/activity bowl? 

We’d recommend one of our ‘spreadable’ products such as


Additional Product Details:

Available in three colours, it contains two standard bowls (85mlx2), two with gulp-stoppers (70mlx2), and one mini-meal area (190ml) which separates food into smaller compartments.

Made with FDA compliance food-grade plastic, it is freezer friendly and dishwasher safe, suitable for both dry and wet food.


Purchase your Pet Dream House: PAW Slow Feeder Activity Bowl HERE now.

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.


#2  Save up to £1.99 per case on all Forthglade Wet Dog Food Multipacks

Having stocked Forthglade since we opened just over three years ago, you can imagine we’ve become big fans!!   You may have noticed these tend to feature in our special seasonal gift bags and Christmas Gift Boxes too.

Their wet dog food range is made in here in the UK, in Devon, with mostly UK ingredients and all of their products are 100% focussed on providing wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated products.  So you’ll find their recipes super simple, so much so that whenever I read the back of the pack, I wonder if I should eat it myself (n.b rumour has it one of the owners has done this!).

The multipacks of 12 trays have been super popular with our furiends, with pawrents either choosing to feed as a complete meal or alongside other dry kibble.

Personally, I always have a few of the lighter meat versions stacked away in my cupboard for those ‘senstive days’ that Millie can have, using this as recovery food. But I also have used this kongs and on her Lickimat (like the above paw feeder!) as it’s such good quality!


Three wet food range multipacks from Forthglade are included in this months offer.


#1  Complete Grain Free Range – Now £14.50 (was £16.50)

This Devon-made range of complete grain-free recipes contains a range of good quality protein along with a mix of carbohydrate & fibre rich vegetables like sweet potato & butternut squash in place of grains to give your dog all the nourishment they need from his meal.

Purchase online (and for full ingredients/composition list):

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.


#2  Complete Meal with Brown Rice – Now £14.50 (was £16.50)

This Devon-made range of complete meals with brown rice were the first complete food ever made at Forthglade back in 1989.

Today these recipes remain packed with easy to digest & delicious wholesome ingredients including naturally nutrient-rich brown rice and vegetables to give your four-legged friend the nourishment they deserve from their meal.

Purchase online (and for full ingredients/composition list):

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.


#3  Complementary Wet Food Range – Now £13.50 (was £15.50)

This Devon-made range of grain free complementary wet foods contain just 90% chicken, duck, lamb etc. along with a little water to gently steam.

Designed to help you tailor mealtimes for your four-legged friend you can add this delicious & naturally nutrient-packed food to a good quality dry food, or your own selection of fibre-rich vegetables for a balanced diet.

Purchase online (and for full ingredients/composition list):

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.


Looking for other offers or ways to save money as a dog owner?

Following the success of our ‘Pup-of-Tea’ Gift Bags and an ‘Easter Day In’, next month, we’ll be adding a regular themed treat bag to our monthly offers.

But for now why not check out the range of products that are currently available in our online Winter sale?


Winter Sale-dog-owners-gfits

Check out our winter sale (click on image to view)




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