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April 15, 2020

How Do I Groom My Dog at Home During COVID-19? Dog Face and Eye Tidy at Home

Over the last few weeks, during the lockdown, we’ve been helping many of our customers maintain their dogs’ coats at home.  From general advice around brushing out coats to nail trimming, it’s important to me that our customers feel supported and able to ensure their dog is comfortable during this time.  So when it comes to grooming your dog at home during COVID-19, the most common question we’ve had is around how to do a dog face and eye tidy at home.

How can you make sure that your furiend can see??





Shoud I Attempt to Tidy my Dog’s Face and Eyes at Home?

In normal circumstances, we’d say leave to the professionals.

There’s a reason that our groomers have undertaken 170 hours of external supervised training and external exams.  Faces and eyes are by far one of the hardest areas to do and understandably several groomers have chosen not to give any advice when it comes to face and eye tidy.  Specifically this is due to the below:

In the event of a mishap and injury to the dog or owner, as a gromer we could be held liable if we’ve given advice.
 Vets are only open right now for emergencies and may not be able to help your dog if there is an accident.
Grooming equipment is very expensive and designed with safety in mind and is possibly not available at hand to most owners.
 We spend thousands of pounds and years of our lives training to handle dogs of all behaviours, personalities, abilities, coat types and temperaments. This is not something we can transfer to a client over the phone or via messenger/text.
 A negative grooming experience can ruin a dogs ability to be handled by their groomer for a long time. We put a lifetime of skills into making your dog feel comfortable.

At the moment, dogs who were booked in with us at the point of our closure due to government advice will have just 3 weeks extra growth.  This will not be causing them any real concern or issues and as such could still be left until we reopen.

You could adopt Cooper’s approach and go for a trendy top knot ;0)



You can follow Cooper over on his Instagram account – @coop.thecockapoo


However, both you and I know that if you are reading this blog, then you are likely to try to do a quick tidy regardless of the risks we flag. And personally, I’d rather you do this well informed to reduce the risk of any accidents so I’ve pulled together the best resources below for you.

Please, please do remember that if your dog is stressed and/or not comfortable with being handled safely do stop and reassess.

You can call me at anytime on our shop number 01241 857893 and it’s super quick to jump on a call or video call to talk you through.



How Do I Groom My Dog at Home During COVID-19? Dog Face and Eye Tidy at Home


Dog Face and Eye Tidy – Preparation and Equipment

Before you get started, make sure you are prepared. Along with reading this blog in full and watching the videos through fully, you are going to need:

Don’t forget you will need a lot of patience, praise and reward.

While doing the face and eyes, its difficult to bribe with treats, So before attempting to use any scissors, get comfortable with holding your dog’s face as per the videos below and rewarding lots!! You may want to do this several times a day, overs  few days before attempting to use any scissors.  Treats at the ready ;0).



The Pawsome Lexi


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Dog Face and Eye Tidy – Ready to Start?

As with any grooming task, it’s much easier to be shown how to rather than trying to put it all in text.  Many groomers who are currently closed, have taken the time out to create videos for you.

So rather than replicating, we’ve picked the best of the best of these talented groomers and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.   Here are the best three face and eye tidy tutorials that I’ve found:


#1 Dog Face Tidy At Home – Top to Tail

You’ll spot a familiar grooming inform here! These fab groomers also run Top to Tail Clothing and supply our uniforms.

I love how clearly the team communicate with their furiends and this video is super helpful and clear.


#2 Dog Face Tidy At Home – Gal Groom

Clearly articulating the risks but simple, safe steps if attempting to tidy up at home. And well.. look at that cute face!!




Still Unsure About Doing A Dog Face and/or Eye Tidy at Home?

If you are unsure about carrying out a face or eye tidy, then I’d say, take a step back AND don’t do it.  Your gut feeling is always right when it comes to grooming your dog.

But do get that brush and comb out and make sure those areas remain matt free.  You’ll appreciate doing this work now and everyday for when they do come back into us as won’t be forced to take your dog’s coat super short due to matting.

If you are worried that the length of hair around the face is causing your furiend any issues at all, give us a call and we’d be happy to review photos and/or video to give you some reassurance.

Stay Safe and hugs to you all – we’re missing you!!

Vicky xx


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