Puppy University

Here at Millie’s Pet Services, we are passionate about making your dog's grooming experience the best it can be. 

The best way to start their grooming journey is to enrol them into Puppy University, which incorporate our puppy dog training via the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

No dog is born used to the grooming process, like teaching your pup to sit, walk on a lead, off lead, paw or roll over, these life skills take time to introduce and perfect. This is why we like to introduce your dog to the grooming process slowly over a course of 3/5 weeks allowing your dog to build confidence and trust.  

Key Information

How much is the course?

Prices start from £60 depending on your dog’s breed.

When can my Puppy enroll?

The best time to introduce your pup to grooming is as soon as they are vaccinated as this is their optimum time for learning. We like to enrol your pup and complete the 3/5 weekly sessions before your pup turns 6 months old.

What Does Puppy University Involve?

We introduce your pup to each stage of the grooming process slowly over 3/5 sessions. These sessions are weekly building up to a full groom. If your pup is especially nervous or needs that little more time we can extend the sessions if necessary. Please note 3 sessions are for short haired breeds and 5 sessions for dogs that need haircuts more regularly

Session 1

Groom room socialisation

A little sniff and explore to get them used to the environment. We will cover:
  • Eye and ears clean
  • Nail trim
  • Comb out
  • How to stand on a table

Session 2

Face tidy, foot and bottom trim

Allowing your pup to get used to more equipment, this session will take them through some initial grooming basics.

Session 3

Bath & Teeth Equipment

Introducing more of the grooming suite to your pup, this session will cover:
  • The grooming bath
  • Dryer
  • Clippers
  • Hygiene area trim
  • Teeth cleaning introduction

Session 4

Full bath & Comb

It's bath time! Now your pup has had more time with the salon and the equipment, we'll give them a full bath and comb through.

Session 5

Graduation Day!

This is the last day of the course! Your pup will get the full bath and comb treatment along with a certificate and photo to announce to the world that your clever pup has completed Puppy University!


  • Bath and comb
  • Full styling
  • Graduation photo
  • Puppy University Certificate

Further Information

My dog is short haired. Is this suitable for them?

Our puppy university isn’t just for long haired breeds - our short haired friends more than benefit too! We have a smaller package of 3 sessions tailored just for them to ensure that longer term along with some help at home, they are all set up for a fear free future of deshedding!

You mention homework? What will This Include?

This all depends on how your puppy develops during each session but typically can include:

  • Get them used to you handling their mouth, eyes and ears
  • Make grooming at home a regular event, and don't make it a game!
  • Get them to walk on different surfaces
  • Always use dog products, never human ones

How Long Does Each Session Last?

If following the 5 session plan, Session 1 to 3 are typically 20 to 30 mins long with session 4 taking up to an hour and session 5 up to 2 hrs. If following the 3 session plan (short haired dogs), session 1 and 2 are typically 20 to 30 mins long with session 3 taking up to an hour.

How Do I Book?

The easiest way to make a booking is by phone on 01241 857893, as we often find that when you message us, we can go back and forward with different times and slots and both parties can miss each other’s message notifications.

If you do choose to message or we are away from our phone when you call, then do leave a message with your name, your furiends name and breed plus any specific requirements that you have re availability (i.e. days/times).

If booking by social media/message, then please be aware that we only hold offered slots for 48hrs, then we will release the slot to allow it to be booked.

Feel free to get in touch through our contact page if you have any questions.

Customer Testimonials


Chase graduated from his puppy university today 🎓✨
Can’t thank Vicky from Millie's Pet Services enough for all her time and patience with Chase, making sure he was comfortable with everything and making it fun for him. Chase even enjoyed him homework as it involved treats and his favourite ball. Plus he came home smelling so good and with the most adorable photos. Now just to stay clean till our next visit! 🤣

– Jackie Kemp
Awww look at my boy. Soo cute. Thank you so much for all your time and patience. And loving his haircut 😍 x
– Gill Pratt

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