January 21, 2018

Homemade Dog Treats: Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats

It’s the third part of our 8 part series of homemade dog treats.  And while I can promise it’s the last of or pumpkin inspired recipes, this week we continue with a simple, no-bake recipe.  Yep, we’re moving from the oven to the freezer with our frozen pumpkin and banana dog treat recipe.

You may be thinking I’m mad sharing frozen recipes in the winter but for me, these are a winner all year round!  You don’t need to wait until the one day of Scottish summer to make these, especially as they are super quick too.

Don’t forget that the consistency of these treats aren’t as hard as ice-cubes but do be careful if you have an aggressive chewer. We want to encourage them to lick these treats instead of biting them!

I’d love to hear if you are trying out the recipes. You can tag #milliespetservices on Instagram or feel free to email vicky@milliespetservices.co.uk too ;0)

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Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats Recipe


Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treat Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 minutes; Freezer Time: Overnight

Difficulty:   Easy


  • 250g of plain yoghurt
  • 425 grams of pumpkin puree*
  • 1 teaspoon honey – I used clear honey
  • 1 banana
  • Ice-Moulds – you could use ice-cube trays or shaped ice trays like this fab set of three. I opted for silicone cupcake cases.

the fab pawrents of Luther (@lutherthedalmation) gave us lots of pumpkin puree which we used up in a number of recipes. You can buy pumpkin pureee in a tin or make your own which can be stored fresh for 3 days or in a freezer for between 3-6 months. Check out these instructions to make pumpkin puree here.  If you are a tad fed up with pumpkin, you could swap this out for peanut butter, apple or any dog-friendly fruits.




#1 Blend the Banana and Pumpkin

Pop your banana and the pumpkin puree into the blender and blend to a smooth consistency.


#2  Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl

How much easier could it be??  Take your blended ingredients and pop them into a bowl along with the rest of your ingredients – honey and yoghurt.

OR you can do what I did and combine both steps into one! I just threw it all in the mixer ;0)

Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats Recipe


#3  Freeze Overnight

Before your FURiend steals them, get those dog treats into the freezer. As I used silicone cupcake cases, I popped them into containers so that I could stack them and maintain their shape while freezing.


Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats Recipe


#4 Treat Time!

The great thing about these treats is that you can just grab them individually out of the freezer one at a time.  While Millie, Harley and Isla demolished a few of these over the week, we also bagged up a few of our shop FURiends too.

If you want to make a few gifts for others, you can buy a pack of 100 mixed blue and pink cones HERE for £7.99.

These treats literally seemed to vanish! So quick that we didn’t even get a quick snap of treat time ;0)

Next time… I promise!!



Did your Dog Love our Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treat Recipe?

I’d love to hear how you get on with making any of our recipes and, of course, whether your dog loved your homemade dog treat too!

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