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January 29, 2021

February Monthly Offers: Our New Monthly Gift Bag, Pure Pate and Hairy Rabbit Ears!

If you spotted our January Monthly Offer then you’ll know that at Millie’s, new for 2021, we’ve introduced a monthly offer where we pass the benefit of the occasional promotional offers from our suppliers we receive, directly through to you.

Last months offer seems to have gone down well with our slow feeder selling out super quick and new customers trying out the forthglade multipacks too!

We also promised that following the success of our ‘Easter Day In’ and ‘Pup of Tea’ bags, we’d introduce a monthly gift bag! Don’t worry we’ve made sure these also have added value and where we can we’ll make sure they are themed each month too!

So…. will we get onto the important stuff?  What are this month’s offers??

Grab a cuppa, make sure your furiend is settled and have a browse………

p.s don’t forget these tend to be limited in stock volume and you’ll always find these displayed in our central window display or HERE in our monthly offer category in our online shop.





#1   You’re Pawfect: Valentines Day Doggy Gift Bag (£15, saving £3 on individual items)

Is your furiend the love of your life?  Would you like to show them just how much they mean to you?

Following the success of our Easter Day In and Pup of Tea, we’re launching one very special (and limited) edition gift bag for Valentines Day.

Filled with natural goodies (no nasty additives here), you’ll receive a rabbit pate free of charge in this month’s special bag along with a heart bandana for those insta photos!  There’s also exclusive strawberry shortbread from our furiends at Bark and Bake Treats – their crackers and treat were such a success at Christmas that we know they’ll love these and super grateful to have found this amazing UK business!

Don’t’ forget that you can also add on one of our new Edible Valentines Day Cards (Peanut Drool flavour) to make that day extra special too!






Additional Product Details:

All products are suitable for puppies with exception of our whimzees tree (over 9 months only) – just pop a comment in the notes and we’ll swap this out for you!

For those with allergies, you can also find the full ingredients list for all products HERE.


Purchase your limited edition Valentines Day Gift BAG HERE now;

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.


#2  Save 20% on JR Pet Products Hairy Rabbit Ears – now £3.99 (was £4.99)

Yep.. hair and rabbit!!

We’re massive fans of the rabbit range at JR PET Products and often find that when we have sensitive dogs who have had to give up all treats, rabbit works a treat.  Lower in calories, super light on tummies and perfect for puppies (over 12 weeks) who are starting to develop that need for chewing too!

Oh, and did I mention that due to the slight edges, they can help take care of those teeth too?

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But why hair? Well…. did you know that hairy ears can act as a natural de-wormer!

Whether you want to chop these up into smaller treat size pieces for training or use as a guilt-free snack, you’ll know you are choosing 100% rabbit, natural treat.

Alternative ways to Use:

  • Personally, I love to snap one in half and once I’ve filled up Millie’s Kong or Calf Hoof with softer treats or pate (see below offer), I pop it in the end before going into the freezer. Adds texture and lasts longer!
  • Or you could take inspiration from Storm, one of our Ambassadogs, who pops her large Rabbit Skin into her Hol-ee ball with other faves.  Pawfect canine enrichment and makes it all go that bit further too!


The important stuff to know:

  • 100% natural
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Natural dental chew
  • High protein
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
  • No preservatives
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • No smell!!!

Save 20% this month and purchase a 100g pack of hairy rabbit ears HERE online

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.



#3  Buy 2 Get One Free on all JR Pet Products 80g Pate  (individually sold at £1.99)

We’re a little bit obsessed with the Pates and just how flexible they can be!  While we tend to sell them as a treat (some ideas coming up), as all are 100% meat based you could choose to use them as a complete or complementary food too!

Like to top your dry kibble with something – yep this could be just right for you!  But the possibilities are endless – Slice it – Dice it – Cube it – Cut it – Stuff it – Spread it – Sprinkle it….generally just LOVE it!

Made from made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat…that’s it! These irresistible Paté’s are also grain and gluten-free and we have five flavours included in our offer for anyone who has specific protein allergies.




Just a few ideas re how to use the Pate:

  • Unique firm ‘pate like’ texture ideal for stuffing kongs
  • Use for stuffing a calf hoof or tracheas
  • Firm enough to cut into cubes for those training sessions. Irresistible as 100% meat compared to other treats!
  • Use a fork to spread it out over a lickimat
  • Use as a topper for both kibble and raw fed dogs

Don’t forget that once open, you can store in the fridge for three days or pop into the freezer.  I love to cut up and ‘treat’ prep for Millie all at once!


Purchase our Buy two get one free offer on 80g Pates HERE online; 

or view all Monthly Offers HERE in one easy to access page.



Storm can’t wait to get stuck into her Rabbit Pate!



Looking for other offers or ways to save money as a dog owner?

We know that things can be very tight right now, but even if not, there’s no harm in having those extra pennies to spend on our furiend!

If you haven’t already then why not check out our blog which includes a massive 20 ways to save money as a dog owner HERE.

p.s don’t forget that if you want to make sure you are first to know about every months offer, just sign up to our email list below and we’ll keep you informed!


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