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Pawsitive Grooming Workshop (Group Session)

Wed 11 Sep 2024

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Make dog grooming a pawsitive experience for your furiend both at home and in the salon.

Our Grooming workshop has been designed based on feedback from you as pawrents and our aim is to ensure that you can go home with all the tools and techniques you need to support your fuirend’s grooming needs at home.

It includes:

  • Understanding of the grooming needs of your furiend, with specific guidance for your breed and coat type
  • Review of your existing grooming tools and products
  • Tailored advice on choosing the right equipment, tools and products and how to clean and maintain these at home
  • How to prepare and set up a pawsitive grooming experience at home
  • Brushing and combing
  • Nail clipping and filling
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bathing and drying techniques
  • Teeth cleaning
  • How to identify parasites/areas of concern
  • Certificate of attendance

Plus due to the limited class size, you will gain tailored 1:1 advice for your own furiend with time to practise all tools and techniques during the class. No prior grooming experience is required.

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