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October 8, 2023

Double, Double, Toil + Bubble! Our Exclusive October Spa Package

I don’t know about you but after this weekend, I’m wondering if both me, Millie and Hope and well.. anything will ever dry out!!

Muddy walks galore!!

So while I’m currently closed to all new customers, I’m offering a few limited slots in October for bath and brushes with a spooktacular twist! And lots of fab goodies to aid with deshedding, conditioning and brightening products to help keep the coat looking furbulous!


With the help of some exlusive Howl-o-Ween products from our furiends at Peanut and Pickle, from pumpkins to the sweet smells of tick or treating.. did someone say herbal sudz and cauldron bubble? (ok I’ll stop now.. honest!)

#1 Madra Mor Shed Safely or Mineral Mud Mask

Whether you are looking to banish those pesky stray hairs or just ensure your furiends coat is getting all the nourishment it needs, we’ll select one of our fab mud masks to brew on the day.

  • Madra Mor Shed Safely – a deep cleaning, sweet smelling mud bath, that flows with hydrating omega oils and is pumped full of B vitamins to help relieve and prevent excessive shedding.
  • Mineral Mask – By exfoliating the skin with mud packed full of natural minerals, this mud bath is sure to leave your dog soothed, silky and shiny! Self preserving and unfragranced, perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

#2 Toil & Bubble Shampoo

Whether you have a dark coloured dog whos’ looking a bit dull, or a lighter colour dog who’d pefer to look as white as a ghost, this months shampoo will help enhance their natural colour.

The pigments not only enhance dark dog, but will counteract the yellow tones in whiter dogs. I can put my hand on heart to say this more than works as Millie was transformed form her slightly yellow and liver spaniel coat to super white with her liver parts showing greater depth of colour.

Fragranced with a fruity scent which includes Bergamot, Buchu & Vanilla Absolut.

N.b we always shampoo twice as part of our grooming process

 #3  Bubbly Cauldron OR Trick or Treat Brightening Facial

We have not one but two facials to choose from in our Howl-o-ween package:

  • Bubbly Cauldron Brightening Facial – Amazing for black or white dogs who have been having too much fun! Not only will it help brighten their face but will leave them super clean and fresh too. With the same fragrance as the Toil & Bubble Shampoo, this facial smells like bubbly blackcurrant, bergamot & a dash of vanilla.
  • Trick or Treat Brightening Facial – Based around of the most popular sweets you’ll find in a pick n mix during Howl-o-ween, wild violet!! I know how popular this is going to be as we are BIG fans of the wild violet shampoo and conditioner that we already use on lots of our grooming furiends.

#4  Pumpkin Patch Shampoo Bar

We all know exactly how muddy those paws can get after a visit to the pumpkin patch!

So with a signature pumpkin spice fragrance, we’ll be paying particular attention to those twinkly toes and making the most of this fab shampoo bar to get them sparkly clean.

#5 Wicked Witch or Count Pugular Parfum .. to finish! 

After their spa treatment, we’ll be finishing off our Howl-o[ween Spa Package with one of two scents:

  • Wicked Witch – Juicy notes of red apple, watermelon & strawberry all binded together in a spell of decadent vanilla bean. This feminine scent is perfect for all those wicked witches out there.
  • Count Pugular – Count Dracula’s scrappy accomplice – Count Pugular. Always smelling fierce & earthy for all those night dwelling ladies. This masculine scent has notes of Cypress, Cedar and Patchouli

Plus don’t forget that all of our Bath and Brush Out’s always include:

  • Blow Dry
  • Brush and Comb Through
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Plucking (if required) and ear clean

Check out our furiends who enjoyed our last exclusive spa day that we held in July:


This is the pawfect chance to have a freshen up in between the grooms you have already booked – especially with this weather!

But I can also acept new customers too! So short coat dogs unite! Yep if your furiend is a frenchie, pug, lab, chihuahua, boxer.. This is for you. But it’s also perfect for any furiend who has an undercoat. such as pomeranians, chows, collies and even Newfies! 


Our normal deshedding and conditioning mud packages start from £15 upwards depending on the size of your furiend.  BUT this package will be available as an add on for just £10 per furiend. 

Don’t forget your bath and brush out cost will be added to your total price, the £10 just covers the “Howl-o-ween” package.

If you are unsure what your furiends bath and brush out will cost – feel free to drop us a message HERE) to enquire. 


Time slots are available on Sunday 22nd October only and there are a maximum of just 5 slots available

This is a one time opportunity to book in with myself as we are currently closed to new customers bar this exclusive offer.

So .. yep, you will have to be quick to secure a slot! And we’ll be booking (HERE) on a first come first served basis. 


How Do I Book?

The easiest way to book is to fill in our enquiry form HERE or reach out via social media. Just flag that you are looking to book the Howl-o-ween spa package.  

I Can’t Make These Dates, Will This be Available Again?

Afraid not.  These are time limited and due to demand on our grooming services, for now will be the only slots offered for this package and with Vicky/Lauren who currently have closed their books to new customers. 

You can check out our normal spa packages over HERE which does include our standard deshed treatments.

I have more than one dog.  Can I bring them both/all?

Absolutely, just let us know their info when booking. Depending on breed we may be able to accommodate them both at the same time. 

I already have a groom booked, can I add this on?

As these treatments take additional time, it may be possible to add on subject to our diaries that day.

If you have an existing appointment booked and would like to add just drop a message or add to your check in form when this is sent by text to you 24hrs in advance of your appoinmtment.

Do DeShedding and Conditioning Treatments Work?

Absolutely! Deshedding treatments can work wonders on dogs. And I know.. Of course we’d say that but just think of your own skincare at home.  We all notice the difference with a good body scrub, moisturiser and even hair conditioner, right?

Just imagine your pup shedding less hair and leaving fewer fur tumbleweeds around the house. It’s like magic where we do the hardwork for you! 

My dog hates being bathed/dryed – is this suitable for them?

Do they panic and show extreme stress? The answer is probably no, this isnt’ suitable for them! 

While happy to discuss, to get the benefit out of the full package, we do need to be able to bathe your dog, give them time to sit with products on (deshed mud or conditioning mask), dry and fully brush out your dog. 

And when deshedding, I cannot underestimate how important the drying and brushing out process is.

If you are looking to start to work on moving towards grooming with an anxious friend then do consider getting in touch re our sensitive dog university HERE or our 1:1 Grooming Training HERE

How do I pay?

All customers, new and existing, will be asked to pay £20 in advance towards their slot at point of booking. If this is not paid within 48hrs, the slot will be released. 

What if I need to cancel?

Unfortunately due to demand on grooming services, if you need to cancel, it will not be possible for us to rearrange your appointment. 

The £20 paid in advance is non refundable, and if cancelled less than 48hrs, 50% of total fee will be payable, less than 24hrs, 100% is payable as per our standard terms and conditions.

Ready to Book?

Just head over to our contact form HERE and mention the shed happens spa package.

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