Should your Dog Walker offer GPS Tracking? Pros and Cons of GPS Tracking

Whether you have used your dog walker for some time or just setting out on your search, you may have come across a growing trend for dog walkers to offer GPS Tracking.  But why do some dog walkers offer this and others don’t? Should every dog walker offer GPS Tracking?

You may find that some dog walkers argue that this is a gimmick.  They believe that your relationship with a dog walker should be based on trust. Firmly stating that if you have a good relationship then you don’t need GPS tracking to check up on your dog walker.

However, the industry is unregulated and we have all heard those stories of dog walkers not fulfilling their role. Not showing up for walks, arriving at different times or even cutting short walk times.  For me, the increasing use of GPS Tracking in the dog walking industry will help raise standards and overall professionalism.  It will help weed out individuals who feel they can make a ‘fast’ buck in a growing industry.

Whatever a dog walking companies opinion is on GPS Tracking, what’s most important is you and your dog.  So what exactly are the pros and cons of GPS Tracking?


Dog Walker Offer GPS Tracking Puppies in field


Pros of GPS Tracking

#1  Puts Your Mind At Ease

You may be running late from work and want to double check how long your dog has been at home alone for. Or you’ve spotted a social media post or news article talking about an untrustworthy dog walker,  In either situation, GPS Tracking gives you peace of mind.  For every dog walk completed you’ll have a check in and check out time with the location of your dog walker at that point.

No matter how good your relationship is with your dog walker, this will give you increased confidence.  This is so important at a time when you may already be finding it hard to put the care of a family member in the hands of a dog walker.

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#2 Helps With Behavioural Tracking

You may have concerns re your dog’s behaviour that GPS Tracking can aid with.   Perhaps you are concerned about your dog still having lots of energy at the end of a day or still experiencing destructive behaviour or toilet mishaps during periods when they are alone.

Perhaps you are concerned about your dog still having lots of energy at the end of a day.  Or you are still experiencing destructive behaviour or toilet mishaps during periods when they are alone.

GPS Tracking will give you added benefit of knowing you can trust the exercise times when your dog is not under your care.  This would be an obvious potential cause of the behaviour which you can rule out immediately and focus on other causes and solutions.



Cons of GPS Tracking

#1 May Not Work accurately

GPS tracking relies on mobile data availability and in some locations there may be a weak signal.  This may result in the location being slightly out in terms of accuracy.

In addition, we are all humans and if you’ve booked a 60-minute walk, you may find that the time is 58 minutes or 62 minutes. Not every walk will be spot on the 60-minute mark.

GPS Tracking will allow you to check that your dog walker isn’t regularly cutting your walk short by 5 minutes every walk.  However, a few minutes either side grace should be allowed.

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#2 Increases costs

Many dog walkers rely on paper and pen when it comes to bookings. However, GPS tracking does require a system to be in place that contains details of each client which would need to be purchased.

In addition, it does also require every dog walker to have a smartphone with data.  This will increase overall costs of providing a dog walking service.


#3 Yet another impersonal email to check

You know that feeling when you open up your inbox and you’ve hundreds of emails that are unread? Yep, I know it too.

If you have your dog walked every day then it will increase that inbox overflow. It will also rely on checking it to gain that peace of mind.



So, Should Every Dog Walker offer GPS Tracking?

For me, the answer to this is simple. Yes.

Whilst on paper it looks like the cons outweigh the pros, the ability to put your mind at ease is a ‘must have’ to us. It should be a core part of any professional dog walking business and why it’s included as a question in our hiring a dog walker checklist which you can find HERE.

If a dog walker can make your life easier as a busy dog owner then why not.  After all, it’s only two clicks on an app for every dog walk.


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