Aaah remember those days?  When your furiend smelt fresh, they didn't have a top knot to keep hair out of their eyes and you weren't spending hours every day brushing, brushing, brushing?   Nope.. us either! It seems forever ago and we are of course desperate to get back to work when we are able to do so safely.

Just think about how good our furiends are going to feel ...




So, in order to prepare the team and our diaries for when we are safely able to re-open our dog grooming services, we are collating information now to form our Waiting List (form to complete below).

This will ensure that we can contact you quickly and arrange an appointment once we have a date to reopen, but also schedule those who are in most need first.

The principles we will be applying are:
- No new customers will be accepted until all our cancelled customers and existing customers have been booked in.
- Dogs prone to matting (e.g. doodles), elderly dogs and those with health conditions who have been impacted by cancellations will be our priority.
- I know some other breeds and owners who have previously preferred longer styles, with more frequent grooms will also require prioritisation.
- We would strongly encourage owners to consider allowing a shorter cut than normal. We do not know how long restrictions will be in place for or even if they will be reintroduced, so would ask everyone to consider this when discussing their grooms. It may be that we must go shorter than normal due to matting but if not, the longevity of the cut should be a higher priority than a preferred appearance right now.
- At the point we know an open date, we will be asking all customers to sign new terms and conditions to consider households with COVID19 symptoms which I have drafted and once we can confirm an exact date with you, you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure the date/time.

If you are a customer who we've had to cancel during the lockdown period - I will be calling you to ensure that you are on our waiting list as our main priority. 

However, feel free to add your details and I'll confirm this with you during a quick call.


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