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January 11, 2018

Looking for a Dog Groomer in Carnoustie? Mobile, Home and Local Based Dog Grooming

If you are looking for a Dog Groomer in Carnoustie and struggling to find a full list of businesses, then don’t be discouraged.   I know how frustrating it can be when a quick search on Google throws up very little options.  However, this is primarily down to some businesses lack of social media presence and with many choosing not to have websites, even Google can struggle.  But I promise, if you dig deep enough, you will find more options for you and your best FURiend!

At Millie’s Pet Services, we’ve found that since opening, our dog groomer has been booked out around two-three weeks in advance. December itself was fully booked a whole month in advance. But with busy lifestyles, we recognise that sometimes, you find you need an urgent appointment.   Maybe you have some holidays and trying to fit it in right now, or you just forgot to book that next appointment and we just can’t find a way to squeeze you into our own appointment book. Whatever the reason, we will always try to be helpful and when we are fully booked or you need a particular date, I will try to offer some suggestions of other Dog Groomers in Carnoustie.

While not all Dog Groomers accept all breeds, such as larger breeds due to their equipment capabilities, or offer all services like hand-stripping, I thought it would be useful to let you have our full list of Dog Groomers in Carnoustie.


Dog Groomer Carnoustie


Looking for a Dog Groomer in Carnoustie?

*Please note I’m recommending all of these companies per se, but rather making you aware of all the options you have for dog grooming in the local area.  We haven’t visited/tested their servcies*


#1  Clan Dog Grooming (Carmyllie)

I know, I know. Carmyllie isn’t exactly in Carnoustie but as a small rural parish, they don’t naturally fit into one of larger location guides. And, they do frequently pop up when people ask about Carnoustie Dog Groomers (promise!).

Irene offers a wide range of grooming services. You can find out more via her website HERE or Facebook Page HERE.

Caley looks n smells absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Irene you have done a first class job. Best cut and groom Caley has ever had. Will be highly recommending you to all our friends and will definitely be coming back with Caley and Fergie.   Teresa Harris Hay

#2  Doggielicious (Scryne Hall)

Based at Scryne Hall, Doggielicious offers a range of dog grooming packages including creative grooms.  While their website doesn’t seem to be live, you can find more information and contact details via their Facebook page HERE.

Thank you so much for grooming Binky to perfection, those knots were getting too hard for us to handle. She was clearly happy and at ease in your company. You treated her just like she was your own wee dog and we really appreciate that. Loved meeting Noodle too. We would highly recommend Doggielicious Grooming for everyone’s furry friends. Thanks again. Vicki Kearnen

#3 Kevin’s Mobile Dog Grooming (Dundee but covers Carnoustie)

While based in Dundee, Kevin does cover Carnoustie with his mobile grooming service.  He’ll park up outside your home and carry out the groom in his fully kitted out van.

More information and contact details can be found over on Kevin’s Facebook Page HERE.

Kevin came to do our lab cross FInn today and it is the first time he has had one so not sure how Finn would be and Kevin was great with him and Finn is smelling lovely � we will definitely be using again. Shona Donohoe.

#4 Pauline’s Parlour (Easthaven)

Based at Easthaven, Pauline offers grooming services in a purpose-built building based at her home.  Also offers a range of dog toys and treats too.

More information and contact details can be found via the Pauline Parlour Facebook page HERE.

I have been taking Tia to Pauline for 8 years or so. She always does a fantastic job. Everytime Tia looks and smells lovely! The new chow went along on Monday for a groom and we can’t believe the difference in her. She is like a new dog! Booked in for the next times! Thank you. Ali Gilbride.

#5 Paws Cabin (near Barry)

While the Paws Cabin facebook page seems to be predominately about dog breeding Leona does offer dog grooming services near Barry.

The website link doesn’t seem to be currently working and so I’d suggest contacting Leona via her facebook page HERE for more info.

Lovely job my dog is fresh and all spruced up. I wholeheartedly recommend Paws Kabin to all dog owners.  Pete Bell.


Hopefully, you’ll bow have found a Dog Groomer in Carnoustie that’s perfect for your needs. Just remember to book your next appointment when you pick up your FURiend ;0)

Oh and do let me know in the comments if I’ve missed a Carnoustie Dog Groomer off the list and I’ll get them added.

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