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June 27, 2019

Looking for a Dog-Friendly Walk in Angus? Queen’s Well, Glen Esk (Reviewed)

When it comes to getting outdoors with your dog, it can be hard to deviate from your normal dog walking routes. Typically, as humans, we can be creatures of habit, even though we know our dogs will love exploring somewhere new!  It’s not that you don’t want to but there are so many things to consider when looking for a dog-friendly walk in Angus!

Will there be enough areas to have your dog off-lead?  Is there water available or will it be too hot to walk? Is there somewhere you can grab something to eat? Will the walk be too busy?  Will you need lots of special hiking/walking equipment?   Yep, it can be easier just to do that ‘normal’ walk!

So when Lucy, Maebel’s mum mentioned that they were off to Glen Esk for another adventure, I was thrilled when she agreed to post a little update into the Dog Friendly Angus and Dundee Facebook Group.  And I was even more excited when she said yes to publishing as a guest blog here.   Well it’s always easier if someone can go check it out for you, isn’t it!?!?!

So enough rambling from me – you’ll want to know how they got on!!




Meet Maebel

If you aren’t already, then make sure you are following Maebel on her very own Instagram account @Maebel_bc HERE.

Maebel is a gorgeous black tri mottled Border Collie who lives in Arbroath, North East Scotland. Born on the 21st August 2018, she’s just under a year old and along with her pawrents she loves exploring her local area.  So it’s no surprise that you’ll find her out and about, sharing her adventures on Instagram with a growing list of fans (us included!).

She’s also raw fed, so we love Lucy (aka mum’s) updates on recipes and her feeding routines.   And well – we like to make sure we always have those rabbit ears in stock for her treat time!

Lucy is also no stranger to the doggy world, with her links to both Clatter of Paws, who provide dog walking and day care services in and around Arbroath and Arbroath Animal Rescue Centre.




Looking for a Dog-Friendly Walk in Angus? Queen’s Well, Glen Esk (Reviewed)

The walk is stunning, peaceful as can be!



The path wasn’t too busy with other walkers but this is a common route for mountain biking (wasn’t a problem for us at all). There are a lot of sheep freely grazing over the fields either side and sometimes on the path, so not a peaceful walk for every person and their dog to walk.

Luckily, Maebel stays clear of them when told to and has a good leave it command (she knows not to even try getting close to the sheep?). She was put on lead when appropriate as there are lambs there at the moment, don’t worry we’re not irresponsible!






Overall the walk is only 80metres accent so it is a very simple walk. Took us around an hour there and an hour back, it’s extremely easy to get there and back as there is only one path through the moor.

Parking is at Invermark Car Park but note there are no public toilets here (we nature peed). Had we known this before, we would have stopped at Tarfside to use the public toilets here (again, it wasn’t a problem for us but maybe for others).




Top Tip – pack a wee lunch or some snacks. You’ll want to soak in the beauty of the views and quietness of the countryside! The path follows the river all the way so no need to bring water for your pooch??




Looking for more information?

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