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February 19, 2019

Dog Friendly Day Out in Carnoustie: Angus Ambassadog Moss Explores

When I pitched the idea of Dog Friendly Angus to the Angus Tourism Co-operative (ATC) board last summer, I was a little skeptical re whether they’d be any interest in improving dog-friendly offerings in Angus. Most businesses face challenges every day and improving the dog friendly offerings in Angus was likely to be way down the list, wasn’t’ it?  I might even have thought that I was the only crazy dog lady around!?!?! But nope, the board of ATC was more than supportive and shortly after that initial meeting, we launched our search for Angus’s very first Ambassadog!

Moss, a gorgeous Collie was named our Angus Ambassadog and we made the decision to appoint a Junior Ambassadog too (Jarvis, who lives in Carnoustie).

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since then but I was thrilled when Moss recently popped down to Carnoustie for a day out and agreed that we could publish her adventures as a guest blog.

So I’ll stop rambling and let you read about their dog friendly day out in Carnoustie.


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


Who is our Angus Ambassadog Moss?

Moss, along with Fly and Còinneach is one of three gorgeous Collie’s owned by Katherine.

Fly was the first to go to her forever home from Mrs Murray’s Home for Stray Dogs and Cats on the 4th November 2011 with her late litter sister Millie having ended up in need of a new home following the divorce of their previous family.

Four years later Katherine returned to Mrs Murray’s bringing home Moss on the 23rd September 2015. Moss was picked up as a stray so they knew nothing of her background. She was very timid and wasn’t familiar with being in a home or going out for walks but she soon came out of her shell.

Fly already suffered from arthritis when she was adopted but she had a few years enjoying herself hill walking and doing agility before she was forced into retirement, whereas Millie her sister reached at total of 21 Munros repeating Ben Lomond to join Moss on her 30th Munro in November 2017. Millie sadly passing away on the 23rd May 2018.

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In September 2018 while on holiday in Wales Katherine detoured via the Border Collie Trust GB where they met a stray from Ireland. On the 22nd of that month they brought him home and named him Còinneach Beag – Scots Gaelic for Little Moss – due to how similar he was to his new big sister!

At the end of 2018, Moss was crowned Angus Ambassadog for 2019.  Supporting the Dog Friendly Angus campaign, Moss will be embarking upon adventures to share and promote Angus as a top dog friendly destination and home to passionate Angus doggy pawrents.


Dog Friendly Map_Carnoustie


A Dog Friendly Day Out in Carnoustie: Angus Ambassadog Moss Explores



Yup, just me and my humum today on a girly pampering trip to Carnoustie. After stretching my legs a bit on the beach I headed along to the wonderful Millie’s Pet Services where I was in for a nice was and brush up to keep myself looking pretty while Katherine headed along to Fin & Co. to have her own bit of pampering by getting herself a new haircut! She would like to thank Vicky for recommending them.

Cristina who did her hair cut (and there was a LOT of hair there to cut!) was fantastic. It was a great way for doggies and pawrents to get some pampering 😉

Guess who took the longest to do? I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t me!


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


Both of us feeling fab, I picked out some goodies for myself including some JR Pet Products Ltd tripe bones ready for our longer hiking trips and a huge Bug Bakes jute ring, which are a new exclusive addition to Millie’s. Let’s see how long it lasts, shall we…


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


Shopping done, we headed along the road to Gather for a well-deserved cuppa. Very friendly service, I was offered a bowl of water but I don’t drink much and had a drink outside already so didn’t need that, but I didn’t say no to the biscuits when they were offered!



For more info, read our related blog:


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


Next up, time for walkies! We headed up to the High School to join the Carnoustie path network for a walk along to The National Trust for Scotland Scotland Barry Mill. At the moment it is closed for the winter but there is the walk along the Barry Burn to do. I have been told the mill itself is dog-friendly so may be worth a tour when it opens again.


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


We didn’t explore the paths along the burn, instead of heading down into Barry and from there across the main road and down to Barry Links station picking up the coastal route on the other side. This led us through the golf course where there seemed to be a lot more dogs out than golfers and all the way back to the car. I took the opportunity to have a roll in the grass, just giving that finishing touch!


Dog_Friendly_Day_Out_in_Carnoustie_ Angus_Ambassadog_Moss_Explores


The pawfect girls day out!! I can’t wait to explore more dog friendly shops and cafes in Carnoustie again soon!




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You can follow Moss’s adventures (with Fly and Còinneach too) via:




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  1. I love all the buzz around Dog Friendly Angus! Glad that Moss had a good day in Carnoustie – beautiful photos accompanying this blog post too! xx