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October 16, 2017

Can You Help Us Create Dog-Friendly Carnoustie and Angus Guides?

Since our opening, we’ve been asked for recommendations of everything from Dog Walkers and Dog Boarding to where a family can get the best cup of coffee along with their pooch.  While the general feeling is that Carnoustie and Angus are Dog-Friendly, it isn’t’ always obvious.   You can only imagine how much more difficult it can be to find out this information if you are not a local too.

You see as a dog-owner, you are used to being told No.  Go onto any holiday accommodation website and tick ‘pet-friendly’ and you’ll see a drastic reduction in options available.  That’s why most dog-owners tend to assume businesses do not allow dogs into them.  Unless there are huge signs and clear indications that a business is dog-friendly (such as dog bowls and little welcome touches for them), you don’t want to feel embarrassed by popping your head round a busienss door to be told “No. You can’t come in”.

So while we have lots of recommendations and business cards and flyers that have been dropped into us, we’d love your help creating dog-friendly Carnoustie and Angus Guides.

Dog-Friendly Carnoustie and Angus Guides


But what are the Dog-Friendly Carnoustie and Angus Guides?

So I know you love your pooch. And I know you love Angus as you live here but it can be frustrating to make the most of your time with our FURiends without spending hours on the intranet.  finding out details of local businesses that

Whether you are trying to find a dog boarder with available time or just somewhere to grab a coffee, it’s time-consuming!!!

So we are looking to create two downloadable eBooks that you can turn to when you are in need of help.   One which will be solely dedicated to Carnoustie and a second covering all of Angus.  you want to act like a tourist and explore the miles of stunning Essex coastline that so many tourists travel.  For those times that you feel the urge to ‘get away’.

As well as being downloadable, we plan to print copies for anyone who pops in and would love to see other businesses and accommodation providers use these with their own customers to help showcase those fab businesses.

It’s not just businesses we’ll be including. While we’ll be using the survey to ensure we capture all of the local business that provide dog-friendly or dog related services, we’ll also be adding our own favourite walks and tourist attractions too!

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I’m hoping that I’ll discover some new places while creating the guide!


Can you help us?

To collate the best of the best into this handy guide, I’ve pulled together a very quick survey to make sure I don’t miss any of your own favourites.

I promise it won’t take long and there are just 5 quick questions to ensure we capture the right information.

You’ll find the full survey right below. Do feel free to add more than one! We want to make this the most comprehensive list we can!



A little thank you from us..

If you do decide to take part in our survey, then there is a little reward.

I’ll be drawing from the list of those who take the time to fill out and giving away a £20 gift voucher to use in the shop, after the survey closes on Monday 30th October.

As always, a huge, big THANK YOU for your support as always!!

I can’t wait to hear about all these fab doggy businesses (and suspect I’ll be doing a little road trip around these all soon!).

p.s remember you can also complete the form by clicking on this link.  Be part of something special – https://goo.gl/forms/zFKdApcFWbCppN0z1


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