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February 19, 2017

Dog-Friendly Bar in Dundee: The Wine Press

I hadn’t really planned to review a dog-friendly bar in Dundee today, but it just seemed to happen!  You see, I’ve been struggling with a cold for a few days but had headed into Dundee to pick up some birthday presents for my Mum and Dad. Yep, both parents with birthdays in February and as it’s my Mum’s 60th, it was going to take a few hours!  As a bit of an afterthought, I’d grabbed my laptop on the way out of the door and promised to treat myself to a warm lunch as a pick me up.  I’d also get an hour’s peace and quiet to do some planning done before the week started!

Having parked nearby and purchased presents, I decided to pop into The Wine Press on Shore Terrace in Dundee.  I’d eaten there once before and more recently enjoyed a good bottle of wine with an old uni friend, so I was tempted back by their warm surroundings and great service.

What I didn’t know from my previous visits was that they were dog-friendly!  It was only when Elsie, a gorgeous whippet in a bright red bandanna popped over to say hi that I realised that they were.  So…… here’s the low down on The Wine Press:


Dog-Friendly Bar in Dundee The Wine Press


The Wine Press: A Dog-Friendly Bar in Dundee

First I should say that ‘bar’ doesn’t quite give the right impression of The Wine Press.

As you can guess by the name, The Wine Press is actually a wine bar. No clinical bar stools and stiff upper lips here and they are Dundee’s only wine bar. The decor is warm and inviting and those huge windows really let the gorgeous light into the large open space that they’ve created.   With strong industrial metals in their beautiful ceiling lights to the soft leather and wooden tables, you’ll feel at home when you arrive and won’t want to leave.

I arrived just after noon and was lucky to find a seat as they had lots of reservations (note to self to book for peak times!).  I parked myself in a corner today with a great view out of those windows.  It’s the perfect  place to see the amazing transformation currently taking place down at Dundee’s waterfront with the new V&A Museum slowly taking shape (oooooh exciting!!).


Dog-Friendly Bar in Dundee The Wine Press

Photo Credit: The Wine Press


The Wine (and great cocktails too!)

Being a wine bar you’d, of course, expect a BIG wine list and it doesn’t fail to disappoint with wine available both by the bottle and glass. However, a fun way to taste wines is their Enomatic machine.


dog-friendly bar in dundee The Wine Press Enomatic Wine Machine

Photo Credit: The Wine Press

“A what machine?” I hear you ask.

Well an Enomatic machine is like a vending machine. You can try a sample (25ml), small glass (125ml) or large glass (175ml) of wine from a choice of about 7 reds & 7 whites. The machine is key and allows The Wine Press to preserve uncorked wines for up to one month.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The Wine Press also has a range of spirits with well-known local gins and a good range of cocktails too.


dog-friendly bar in dundee the wine press drinks menu


Today was all about the Gin Fizz (yum – I went for the plum and vanilla Eden Gin combo with Prosecco!).



The Food

From comforting pies to sharing platters, your mouth will be watering as you read the menu.   With that cold still lingering, I was tempted by the soup of the day (spicy lentil) and a sandwich filled with pastrami, cheese and gherkins.

While simple in style, the flavours were amazing and had an impact despite the blocked sinuses!   There was a beautiful side salad and there was so much attention to seasoning in each part of the dish.   You could tell that care had gone into how it was presented aswell as its taste too!


Dog Friendly Bar in Dundee The Wine Press



I have a funny feeling their platters go down a storm (on my last visit I sampled a yummy Macaroni and cheese pie).


The Wine Press Sharing Platter

Photo Credit: The Wine Press


Food is served until 9 pm though bar snacks are available throughout each night.



The Service

As I opened the door, the waitress could have easily ignored me as she was engrossed in writing up the specials board. But no. A huge big smile and friendly welcome despite her being busy.

The service was fantastic throughout. Not overbearing and they didn’t check in too often (I was head down in the laptop for an hour post lunch with coffee) but attentive and helpful.

Food and drinks arrived in a timely way and they just had this knack of making you feel at home.

The bar was full throughout my lunch with lots of people enjoying wine and platters but I was never forgotten about.  The service really did feel just as warm as the atmosphere within The Wine Press.


Are They Really Dog-Friendly?

So as I mentioned, I hadn’t realised The Wine Press was dog-friendly until I spotted the gorgeous Elsie.  But when I mentioned this to the waitress today, she was so animated talking about their four-legged guests, you could tell that they are!

I could see how welcome Elsie was made to feel, with a clean water bowl quickly provided for her as she settled down for a snooze under the table.   If you check out The Wine Press on Instagram, you’ll spot how proud they are of their furry guests.  I can’t wait to take Millie for our next visit along with more than just my iPhone for pics!


Dog friendly bar In Dundee The Wine Press Furry Guests

Elsie (clearly a regular!), Sabine, Tay and Benji enjoying their visit.



How to Find The Wine Press:

In the heart of Dundee’s Waterfront and just a few minutes walk from the main railway station, you’ll find the Wine Press at the bottom of Shore Terrace:


Dog Friendly Bar in Dundee The Wine Press


More Info:

If you want to find out more about The Wine Press then you can check them out below:


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thewinepressbar/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thewinepressbar

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheWinePressBar

Trip Advisor (Reviews) – https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g186518-d8730455-Reviews-The_Wine_Press-Dundee_Scotland.html


Not sure you want to head to sample their wine and want to stay at home with your pooch instead?  Well, you can order from their fab wine list via Deliveroo here.



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