Big, small, old, young -  every dog loves to chew, don't they?

Some of us may have sacrificed socks, shoes, cables and even walls as our fluffy furiends grow up and exercise that chewing urge!

So it's no real surprise that questions about chews are high on every dog owners list and something we spend a lot of time talking about with parents.  From whether all chews are safe for your friend, what are the best non smelly treats to finding the best softer chews for elderly dog, we tend to find that our conversations revolve around allergies and what's going to last the longest too.

BUT what I know from experience is that every chew will last a different length of time based on the breed, age and aptitude to chewing!   Over the past two years we've built up the knowledge from you and our chief testers Millie and Priya, BUT wouldn't it be amazing if we built up a list of chews and how long they lasted for different dogs that you could refer to?

Of course it would - so that's why we've decided to launch The Great Millie's Chew Off! 



- It helps to relieve teething pain. Great for puppies;

- Satisfies that natural chewing urge;

- Fights boredom and provides mental stimulation. This can be particularly helpful if your dog is unable to get as much exercise as they would normally;

- Can aid with oral hygiene including bad breath. Yep - they can help promote healthy teeth and gums;

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