At Millie's we are passionate about our furiends and we are just as passionate about their dog food.  Great quality food does not always mean that it has to cost more and we're on a mission to spread the word about good quality affordable food that is suited your dog and your lifestyle.

That's why we've carefully selected a range of natural and tailored dog foods to ensure we can perfectly match your needs.  Whether you're trying to address sensitivities, manage allergies or just want to improve the quality of food for the fussiest of dogs. We work directly with every dog food supplier that we stock in our shop, to ensure we are up to date on canine nutrition, understand the full range and have access to their nutritionist for advice and support. 

We know from experience that finding the right dog food can take time and be frustrating, so let us help. 

Feel free to pop in store for a free weight check and we can chat through what options may suit you both best.

A shop on the high street - that's got to be more expensive than buying online, right????

Well .. the answer is no! We only work with high-quality brands and we work directly with them too. Not only are we committed to matching their online pricing but it means we develop a much better relationship with those brands giving us access to their nutritionists. Perfect for when any of our furiends have complex queries.

The proof is always in the pudding so why not download our in-store price list to check and then read up about them below!

You'll find a full list of other dog food brands and products that we stock further down the page (all of which can be ordered) too.

Download our in store price list

Natural Instinct

Within the Natural Instinct product ranges, there is a wide choice to suit all tastes and requirements using only the best human grade, DEFRA approved raw meat and bone, vegetables and fruit.

Natural Instinct are a keen supporter of British produce and only use 100% British meat, poultry and fish.

Natures Menu

For 35 years Natures Menu have been creating 100% real, wholesome food for pets that are packed full of naturally nourishing ingredients.

Natures Menu raw dog food and raw cat food is made with quality meats and fish, blended vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates, and they use British suppliers and ethical product sources wherever possible.

Guru Pet Food

Guru are on a mission to tell everyone about the fantastic benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food and we are converts too!

They, like you, love their dogs to pieces. So they are spreading the word about Guru Pet Food. It’s the closest food to a natural balanced diet you can provide for your dog and gives them all the great nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.

How do they know this? Well, we only use the finest ingredients before they’re cold pressed into the terrifically tasty bites your dog deserves.

Lily’s Kitchen

It all began with Lily, Henrietta’s adorable border terrier. She's at the heart of the family, and her battle with itchy skin became the inspiration for their healthy food for cats and dogs.

Once Henrietta discovered what regular pet food was made from, she decided to cook Lily’s meals from scratch using proper, natural ingredients. The transformation in Lily’s health was so remarkable she knew she had to share her recipes with other pet owners. People like her, who are looking for a truly nutritious meal they can trust to be the best for their pet.

Pooch and Mutt

Pooch & Mutt believe in the power of good nutrition, that ‘good health starts with what we eat’, and that this is as true for our four-legged friends as it is for us.

Pooch & Mutt foods are not only free from the junk found in a lot of dog foods, they are also packed with natural, powerful active ingredients to help your dog lead a happy, healthy life.

Skinner’s Field and Trial

Specifically formulated for working and active dogs.

Many working and active dogs are essentially canine athletes trained for speed, endurance and discipline – with the added advantage that they enjoy human companionship! Feeding a special diet all year-round can keep dogs in peak performance condition and help prepare muscles and cardiovascular systems for explosions of energy use and post-exercise replenishment.


Made in Devon using the finest ingredients to ensure it’s tail-waggingly good.

Combining quality meats and fish with British sourced produce where ever possible, Forthglade recipes contain no junk or fillers, just 100% naturally wholesome ingredients. Grain-free and complete options are available.

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily's natural and organic range can also be found in both tin and tray versions.  

A wide range of complete recipes including Sunday Lunch, Fish Supper, Cottage Pie and a Great British Breakfast (Millie's favourite!).  Which ones will your furiend choose?

Natures Menu

Made with real, human grade meat, blended fruit and vegetables and wholesome goodness.

Natures Menu cans and pouches are complete and nutritionally balanced, developed with vets and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings, meat meals or meat derivatives. Grain-free and chicken free options are available.


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