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December 13, 2017

A PAWFECT Christmas Present for Dogs: BrewDog Equity for Pups

“OMG, have you seen this?”.  Yep, that was my reaction when I spotted a Facebook post from BrewDog announcing that you could now gift shares in their brewery to our best FURiends!  BrewDog’s Equity for Pups was officially open.

Did we buy? YES of course we did and I know you all love your pooch as much as we do, so we thought we should share!


BrewDog Equity for Pups - Christmas Present for Millie


Note – Equity for Pups closes at Midnight on December 14th

So if you want to skip over and head straight to buying yours – CLICK HERE!



BrewDog Equity for Pups (Reviewed)

So first things first: Who on earth are BrewDog?

Now I know that you probably know this … but just in case, here goes:

BrewDog are an alternative company who are owned by over 50,000 people, who love craft beer as much as they do.  In 2010, they opened their very first bar in their hometown of Aberdeen and now have  50 BrewDog bars, 2 world class breweries and a team of 800.  Given the name, you won’t be surprised to find out that their bars are all dog-friendly!

If you have never heard of BrewDog then do take a look at their Facebook and Instagram feeds to get a sense of what they are about. Hardworking, innovative, passionate and well, they are def fun with a charter like this:


BrewDog Charter - Equity for Pups

Photo Credit: BrewDog


What is Equity for Pups?

Since 2009, BrewDog has raised over £41 million through crowdfunding.  Their latest offering Equity for Punks V, including Equity for Pups, which aims to raise £10m for investment in their Ellon Brewhouse and Overworks. You can find the full details in their prospectus here – it’s more than impressive, right!?!?

Equity for Pups lets you buy shares for your dog, or gift them to a friends dog too! A PAWFECT Christmastmas present! (n.b by gifting shares to a pup, you will actually be gifting them to the doggy’s owner, as dogs cannot legally own shares themselves (sad face) but we still lurve this!!).

For a minimum investment of £47.50, you can buy 2 shares and get a bunch of PAWSOME benefits too (too many dog puns yet?!?!?!?).

  • A downloadable gift certificate for your pooch
  • A discount on all online sales
  • Equity for Punks ID card giving you discount in all bars
  • A free beer on your birthday
  • Exclusive access to new beers and events
  • An invite to their AGM (this isn’t any AGM.. it’s a BrewDog AGM!)

Oh and they are also donating £5 from every Equity for Pups purchase to Guide Dogs for Scotland!  Christmas and a good deed all ticked off in one go.



Having filled out a simple form, in less than 10 minutes, I was all signed up and (another) Millie’s Christmas present was purchased!

I have to say the whole process to buy was painless and I very quickly received an email with my log in details and information on how to access benefits and get my ID card.  It also included a link to download and print our very own Equity for Pups certificate. I lurrrrved the woof woof and ruff ruff additions on it!!

I was also given access to an online forum full of great resources.  As soon I logged in, I could see just how much BrewDog truly take into account their shareholder (and customers view). The forum was full of posts sharing information, asking for advice and sharing updates including exclusive photographs of the new DogHouse development in Columbus.

Even when I dropped them a note to ask for a bit of insight into how Equity for Pups came about for this blog, James Watt, Founder of BrewDog, took the time to respond to me:

There’d be no BrewDog had a mischievous, overexcited chocolate labrador not wandered into the room as Martin and I struggled to come up with a good name for our brewery.


Like us, many of our fans are crazy about their dogs so we thought it’s about time they get to give a gift of real value to a loved one. Chewy toys and balls will eventually get lost, but shares in a brewery are forever.


So, should you buy Equity for Pups?

Now I’m going to do the normal required speel that your capital will be at risk and financial markets can fluctuate. Yep, in short, any investment can both reduce and increase in value.

BUT for me, if you are a craft beer and dog lover or know one, it’s a big YES PLEASE!

While I’m personally not a big craft beer drinker, I still love what BrewDog are doing.  Their business, their attitude, their focus on their customers (and by default their investors who are their customers) shines through in everything they do.  They are a business I admire and follow for those reasons. And well, I’m sure some of my craft beer friends will enjoy the fact I can now purchase gifts for them with my new benefits!

I really do love their approach to being dog-friendly.  I mean – they are actually dog-friendly! Who’d have thought with a business called BrewDog!?!?!

So many businesses say they are dog-friendly but then give you a list of conditions and do’s and don’ts that you can do with your dog. When you visit any BrewDog bar, you know that your dog is placed just as equally important as you are as a customer. And did you know they also offer puppy parental leave to their team too?  How cool is that?

So if you are just a good old pawrent who loves their pooch, like me, this is the pawfect opportunity for you to show support to a business who is truly dog-friendly both with the services they offer but also with their own team.

And well…. why wouldn’t you buy your best FURiend the coolest gift ever!?!?!

p.s remember Equity for Pups closes on the 14th December so be quick!


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