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October 14, 2018

Celebrating Howl’O’Ween? The 7 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

If you have a best furiend in your life, then you’ll know that Halloween must officially be renamed as Howl’O’Ween so that they can take part too ;0).   Even if they only keep a Halloween costume on long enough for that pawfect Instagram photo, dressing your dog up for Halloween has to be one of the best parts of the day! So, while you only have a couple of weeks left to make that final choice, here’s a quick roundup of 7 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs.

p.s we expect to see photos on the day!


The 7 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs


#1  Skeleton Hoodie

Traditional but cute! I love this skeleton costume from Amazon.  In a fantastic range of sizes from small to extra large, and available via prime delivery too, your dog will fit right into any Halloween Pawty!

With cute hood detail, the skull and bones even glow in the dark.  Now it’s even easier for you to spot your pooch in the dark!


More Infohttp://amzn.to/2ySWJvD


#2 Superhero – Batman!

We all know that our dogs are heroes and make a huge difference to our lives. So why not match their costume to their personality too!

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I love this cute batman costume from Escapade which is currently available in sizes Small to Large and also on sale!!

dog halloween costume batman

More Info https://www.escapade.co.uk/pet-fancy-dress-costumes


#3 Harry Potter

Have you spotted our newest window display?

Well, you won’t be surprised that we LOVE Harry Potter and creating our very own Dogwarts. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a dog wizard!!?!?!?

You’ll find lots of harry potter dog accessories online, particularly on Etsy and Ebay, including these cute scarfs.  Just add some pipe cleaner glasses and off you go!

harry potter scarf best dog costumes for halloween

More Info – https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/153211201216


#4  This is my Halloween costume

Is your dog more of a style icon versus being flamboyant??

Ellie Ellie has created a range of simple pet vests including this cute version in sizes small to large. You can buy baby and adult versions too ;0)best dog costumes for halloween

More Info – https://www.ellieellie.co.uk/halloween-costume-halloween-pet-dog-vest/


#5  Lion Mane Wig

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best and from £6 this is great value too!

However, I must admit that I’m a HUGE fan of the Narnia movies… so it may have influenced including this one ;0)

More Info http://amzn.to/2xqe6QV


#6 It’s not Howl’O’Ween without dogs dressed up as pumpkins!

It really wouldn’t have been a top 7 without including a good old pumpkin.  While you’ll find a great range of costumes depicting pumpkins for your dog, if you have a sewing machine, with a few simple stitches and 2 t-shirts, you can make your own.


#7 Pugasaur

We love following Chewie on Instagram and his fab mum creates amazing crochet items for Pugs too.  While you may be able to catch them at various Pug events, you’ll also find Chewin The Yarn on Etsy.

dinosaur pug costume best dog costumes for halloween

Photo Credit: Chewin The Yarn

More Info – https://www.etsy.com//pugasaur-jumper-crochet



Still Looking For That Pawfect Dog Halloween Costume?

If you haven’t yet been inspired, I’ve been busy pinning ideas over on Pinterest. You’ll find a whole board full of doggy Halloween costumes to either make or buy HERE.

If you feel a costume is too much then have you considered a bow-tie or bandana to mark the occasion?  Or perhaps baking some pumpkin based treats for them to enjoy?


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Over to You

Will you and your FURiend be out trick and treating this Halloween? I’d love to hear about your costumes and feel free to tag us on Instagram @milliespetservices) or pop in to say hi in the shop too!!


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