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December 20, 2016

Travelling With Your Dog? The 7 Best Dog Travel Accessories

‘You have memories’ pops up on my facebook feed quite a lot at this time of year. Over the last few days, it has reminded me of those long 500 mile journeys home at Christmas that have signalled the start of festivities. I always choose to take Millie with me on holiday so over the last three years, I’ve chosen to pop Chris Rea on the playlist and drive home for Christmas.  Choosing to drive home was fantastic for being to able to load up the car with presents and winter clothing but those first few journeys with Millie required some thought and preparation. Yep, I had to try and work out what were the best dog travel accessories and quickly!

Just like all products and services in the pet industry, there was no shortage of choice.  Three years later and thousands of miles more in the car, I think Millie and I have it sussed.  From the best stopping points, times to travel and what we need to take with us, it now feels pain-free.

But what are the best dog travel accessories?   I found I spent a lot of money trying out different products over the years and now know what works for us. Hopefully, this will help you too.


Best Dog Travel Accessories

The 10 Best Dog Travel Accessories


#1  Hunter Bowl – Travel Bowl (£10.95)

Most people tend to recommend the collapsible bowl for travelling.  However, I find these are much more useful for when you are out for a long day and need to be able to offer your dog a refreshment outdoors.

If you are travelling for a longer distance and/or away for a few days, you’ll need both a water and food bowl that work outdoors and indoors too. Ideally, bowls which won’t ‘scoot’ around on the floor when you use them at your destination which is why I tend to avoid the collapsible version for those trips.

So while they take up a bit more space (I’m sure your doggy packing is as much as your own), I feel it’s worth sacrificing the space for these fab bowls from Hunter.

The stainless steel bowl pops out to leave the melamine bowl.  2 bowls in one and heavy enough to avoid too much mess at dinner time.  They come in a wide range of colours too.  Millie’s is black but I love the teal!

They come in a wide range of colours too.  Millie’s is black but I love the teal!

More InfoHunter 92025 Bowl Melamine 700 ml


7 best dog travel accessories hunter dog bowl


#2  3 Peaks Dog Mattress with Removable Topper (Large – £40)

I’m not sure there isn’t a dog bed that I haven’t tried out there!! But in January of this year, I found the 3 Peaks by accident in a local Pets at Home. Why so special?

Well, the mattress is a fab thickness, giving plenty of support and it also has a removable topper! For me this was a huge selling point, as on most car journeys we have regular stops and have you ever tried to keep a springer out of puddles and mud?

I can honestly say this has lasted so well and still looks as good as new.  It stays firmly in the boot of my car at all times and I found the large version covers the full boot space, perfect for when I have all three family spaniels out on an adventure.

More Info – http://www.petsathome.com/3-peaks-teal-snowdown-dog-mattress-with-removable-topper-large


7 best dog travel accessories 3 peaks dog bed


#3   Joules Dog Bed (£65)

You might be wondering why I’ve included two dog beds but that’s because we tend to travel with two!

As I mentioned above, the 3 Peaks Dog Bed firmly stays in the car at all times, so I tend to have a second one underneath it that I can use in the house at our destination or at home.

Finding a dog bed to fit in with decor can be tough.  But I love this one that I found in Pets Corner by Joules.  Not too bright and doesn’t stick out too much as a dog bed!

I’ve found the colour has lasted well with washing and I’m only now about to replace the insert 18 months after purchasing.

Unfortunately the style I purchased is no longer available but I love the new Stayley design below.

More Info –  https://www.joules.com/Home-Garden/Pet-beds/Stayley/Pet-Bed


7 best dog travel accessories joules dog bed


#4  Hi-Travel First Aid-Kit (£14.15)

It does what it says on the tin and you really shouldn’t leave home without it.

Hi-travel does a great version which contains all the basics and there is some room left to add anything you feel you need to carry.

More InfoHi-travel Dogs First Aid Kit (Ideal for any pet) – A must have for ANY pet owner


7 best dog travel accessories hi-travel first aid kit


#5  Dog Seat Belt (£10.99)

This is a life-saver for those times that you realise that you need to use your car boot for other items. Let’s say some heavy shopping or flat packed furniture.  But where will your pooch go?

I find having one of these in the car is also useful for long journeys. If you buy an adjustable version, they are great for service stations stops.  If you’ve had a walk and stretch with your dog but want to finish up with a coffee and something to eat outside your car.   Well, they come to the rescue as you can attach the end to your lead, allowing your dog to be out the car too and for you to be hands-free too.

Hopefully, you can visualise that – ti’s hard to explain!

More InfoDog Seat Belt, PETBABA Reflective Nylon Adjustable Automobile Safe Seatbelt Belt Extender Lead for Dogs Red


7 best dog travel accessories in car seat belt


#6  Guru Trip Bone (from £1.99)

Does dog food count as an accessory?  Well, it does when it’s called a trip bone!

If you’ve read any of the 5 Best Dog Blogs that we recommended previously, you’ll know that a number of them are fans too!

Available in either the field trip size (£1.99 for two) or road trip version (£2.50), they are great to have to hand while out having adventures.    These tasty dog bones are packed full of chicken flavour and a variety of natural ingredients.   You can use them as a treat or on-the-go meal while travelling.

More Info http://www.gurupetfood.com/shop/


7 best dog travel accessories guru road trip bone

 #7  Equafleece

Whether you have just stopped for a break or on a longer dog walk, these will help keep your dog warm.

In a great range of colours, it’s perfect to keep in the car as a fab drying tool. It will also help to restore body temperature and help your dog dry off quickly without leaving their bedding wet for the rest of the journey.

Check out both the dog jumper and dog suit options.

More Info – https://www.equafleece.co.uk/dogs/fleece/dog-jumper


7 best dog travel accessories equafleece

Photo Credit – Equafleece

Whether you are travelling to friends and family this Christmas or just off on your next adventure with your pooch, have fun.

Do remember to pack a few of their favourite treats and toys too.  Enjoy your trip and I’d love to hear if you have a favourite that we are yet to try out!  Just pop it in the comments below.



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