The Best Dog Photographers in Scotland

Looking for a Dog Photographer in Scotland?  Personally, I love nothing more than a good dog snap.  But when it comes to dog photography, I’ve found myself turning to the experts and I’m always in awe of how easily they seem to capture our best furiends personality.  Having spent hours visiting, researching and reading reviews for my own dog photography sessions over the past two years, it only felt right to share my Scotland’s Best Dog Photographer list with you.

You may be looking for a dog photographer who can capture those memories with your furiend or you may be looking for a gift for a family member or friend. You may even be on the search for a last minute gift voucher for that doggy lover in your life!  Whatever situation you are in, grab a cup of tea and settle down for a few minutes to read about Scotland’s Best Dog Photographers.   While I appreciate photography is entirely subjective and that we all have may have different tastes, these are the three of the best that I believe Scotland has to offer and you won’t be disappointed if you book.

I’d love to hear and see your photos if you do choose to book with one of them  – just pop a comment at the bottom below or feel free to email me at


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland


Who are the Best Dog Photographers in Scotland?


Paul Walker – Paws Pet Photography

Ayrshire based Paul Walker’s passion for photographing pets goes back to his early childhood in Yorkshire. All the family pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and his pet duck were frequently the target of those young watchful eyes and his trusty camera.

Now a multi-award-winning pet and dog photographer, he is based in Ayrshire and offers a number of different shoots and training for that budding pet photographer too.  Those awards are not to be sniffed at either (sorry, I can never resist a good old dog pun!).  His pet photography skills have regularly been rewarded from various photography institutions. In 2015 he was awarded the Scottish Master Pet Photographer of the Year for a record 6 times and has twice been awarded UK Pet Photographer of the Year (MPA & SWPP). Just look at the huge list of accolades!

Paul has also gained the attention of Scottish Television and various BBC radio programmes including “Barking at the Moon” to talk about crazy pet antics and the pursuit of a perfect pet picture.  His work recently has been featured in magazines/publications based in China, Israel, Peru, Brazil, Germany and India.

But… I think we can let Paul’s stunning photography speak for itself:

Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Paws Photography Ayrshire


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Paws Photography Ayrshire


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Paws Photography Ayrshire


You can connect with Paul, Paws Pet Photography via:


Paul captured the individual characters of Molly and Matilda perfectly. He has a real understanding of dogs, and knows how to get the most dramatic action shots ever!” Jo Good and Anna Webb, Barking at the Moon, BBC London & Stars of Sky Television’s “A Different Breed”.


Chantal Macleod-Holdsworth – CMH Pet Photography

I know some of you won’t be surprised to see Chantal featured here, as she was kind enough to agree to do a little shoot with our very own mad spaniels back in February of this year.  You’ll spot several of her photographs from that session, scattered over the website and all of our printed materials too!

To be entirely honest, I’d been stalking her photography journey for a few months through Julie Christie’s Tea Break Tog Facebook group and loved her style of outdoor, nature-based shoots.  It’s like you are out on every adventure with the particular pooch captured.

Based in Inverness, Chantal is also a dog walker and you can tell how much she understands that very special bond we all have with our dog(s). She gets that we love them like family and they play a very important role in your life. Whether you want to be in the picture,  you would rather just see your dog running through the sea, or a forest, or playing with a ball. She will help you create those real memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. 

I can tell from experience, that Chantal isn’t afraid to get down low, into the water and involved in jumping, running and playing throughout a shoot! Fun and amazing photography – errrrrr, yep!!

Best Dog Photographers in Scotland CMH Pet Photography Inverness


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland CMH Pet Photography Inverness


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland CMH Pet Photography Inverness


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland CMH Pet Photography Inverness


You can connect with Chantal, CMH Pet Photography via:


Utterly perfect in every way! Traveled to my chosen destination and took THE most gorgeous pictures of my Hugo! Nothing was too much for her, she even waded into the water shoes and all to get the water shots. Just brilliant, I cannot recommend highly enough!    Caz Taylor.


Ewan – Mutley’s Snaps Pet Photography

It really is a small world!

Those were my exact words as I was chatting to Alfie’s pawrent a few days before we opened Millie’s Pet Services. He’s one gorgeous Boxer with a fab personality and love of treats! I’d been chatting about our idea to bring other dog-related businesses in every few months to the shop as a pop up.  I mentioned that I’d been admiring some stunning Boxers on a pet photographers page just the week before. I loved how clear and vibrant the photography was in their studio shots and thought our styles would work well.

Little did I know, it would turn out to be her son Ewan, who is the photographer behind Mutley’s Snaps who offers both on location and studio photography experiences in Falkirk.  Ewan’s aim is to give you portraits that capture your pet’s individual personality and quirks. The little things that make them treasured family members. Whether it’s a gentle stroll around a country park, a fun-filled hike up the hills or chasing bubbles in our studio, he will tailor the experience to your pet’s personality.

You can tell that Ewan loves what he does.  The personalities of the dogs he has photographed seem to jump off the page everytime he posts a new photograph!  He’s even let us in on his secret hot dog bribery in this fab behind the scenes blog.

Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography Falkirk


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography Falkirk


Best Dog Photographers in Scotland Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography Falkirk


You can connect with Ewan, Mutley’s Snaps Pet Photography via:

Ewan has the patience of a saint with the dogs, highly recommended for a photo shoot, you wouldnt be dissapointed. Elaine McPherson


Have We Found Your Favourite Dog Photographer in Scotland?

I can guarantee you that choosing a dedicated pet photographer to capture your furiends personality will be one of the best decision you make.  But if you are a little worried about the locality of each of the above photographers or not sure they are quite your style, then I’d encourage you to check out the links provided for each. Each of their websites and social media feeds are full of stunning dog photography and you may find you can agree on a suitable location for both of you.

I do hope you’ve loved seeing my best Scottish dog photographers images as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.

But as always, I’d love to know if you have your own favourite that I’ve not listed.  Just pop into the comments and let me know.

I’d love this list to grow and grow and grow to cover the best dog photographers in Scotland and see your own photo shoot images too!


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  1. Chantal
    | Reply

    Thank you so much Vicky!
    Give Millie a hug from me 😊

  2. Wendy Pratt
    | Reply

    I highly recommend Carrie southerton photography

  3. Robyn Smith
    | Reply

    I love Carrie Southerton Photography! Her photos are amazing and the shoots are one of a kind, my favourite by far!

  4. Verity Davies Urek
    | Reply

    I highly recommend Carrie Southerton Photography.
    Her knowledge of the canine species and photography are conjoined.
    She has a fabulous eye for detail and is a real perfectionist within her profession.

  5. Mandy
    | Reply
    Carrie is fantastic! I’d recommend!

  6. Isabel
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    I cannot recommend carolyne enough she has an amazing talent with the dogs absolutely fantastic day was spent with our dogs and the photographs were outstanding , I can honestly say you wont be disappointed

  7. Isabel
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    contact carolyne on the above website sorry it should have been on the above comment

    • Vicky_Millies_Pet_Services
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      Hey Isabel – it’s all good. The website link is on all the other comments recommending me to look there too. Thanks for posting and taking the time to read.

  8. Alex
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    I highly recommend Carolyne, had a fantastic afternoon with her, really put my dog at ease and made it fun. Photos were amazing too. You will not regret it

  9. Veronica Burns
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    If you want someone to think outside the box then Carrie is your woman 😊 her portfolio is amazing 😍

    • Vicky_Millies_Pet_Services
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      Thanks so much Veronica. I’ve spotted the other recommendations to look at Carrie’s work and promise to check it out. I appreciate that photography is very much based on our own viewpoints/preferences on style too.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed the other photographers! Vicky x

  10. Myra Meighan
    | Reply

    We have had fantastic photos taken of our 4 dogs from Carrie Southerton photographer near Falkirk in Central Scotland. She has acres of beautiful fenced off areas in which she took breathtaking action photos of my sheepdog, that were so admired by people in the breed they were used at Crufts. Carolyne is so good with all the dogs, bringing out their individual personalities, that little something we all see in our dogs she brings out the best for us to keep on our walls forever

    • Vicky_Millies_Pet_Services
      | Reply

      Thanks Myra. I’ve spotted the other recommendations to look at Carrie’s work . I’ll check it out. Thanks for taking the time to read and hope you enjoyed the other photographers! Vicky x

  11. Vicky_Millies_Pet_Services
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    Hey all – thanks so much for the recommendation to check out Carrie’s work – I will check out here work but all comments noted!

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