1:1 Dog Grooming Day

Get dog grooming salon results at home with our fun 1:1 professional one day training session   

Have you ever felt...


That you have the time and equipment but could benefit from learning how to use them properly?


Do you feel that your dog would be less stressed being groomed at home?
  • Health and Safety Induction and Tour Of Facilities
  • Exclusive use of salon and grooming area
  • How to correctly (and safely) prepare, bath and dry your furiend 
  • How to correctly (and safely) hand-strip, scissor and/or clip your furiend into your desired style
  • How to maintain the desired style between grooms
  • Notebook to create guidance notes relevant to your furiends breed
  • Tailored advice on choosing the right equipment, tools and products 
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day - we have the best neighbours at Franco's who can adapt lunch to most dietary requirements.  We def recommend the cheesecake
And you know Millie’s love a good photoshoot and Insta reel so we’d be happy to provide one for you on the day!
how much does it cost?

full day: £400

Woah... it costs how much? Both you and I know that you looked at the cost and thought .. woah! But let's be honest about the amount of money we already spend on non-value add items for your furiend. How many toys are in that toy box? Harnesses hanging up on their personalised lead hanger? But as we all tighten our belts, money is a concern, so let's do the most important comparison.

cost benefits

save money

 If you can groom your dog fully at home with no groomer support ongoing, this is equivalent to:  
8 x Cocker Spaniel Grooms
If groomed every 8 weeks would just be
over a years payback.
5 x Doodle Full Grooms
Less than a year to recover the costs of training!
But in both cases the lifetime value of the course is most important - think how much you’ll save on grooming over your furiends lifetime. 
This is likely to be over £4500!
This is an investment not only in your furiend but in you to as we hope that by the end of the day you’ll love this time bonding with them and ongoing while grooming at home.

Questions & Answers

Where do I find available days?

While we can offer both weekday and weekend course days, this will be subject to our grooming diary availability with weekends dates more limited.

We typically book anywhere from 3-6 weeks in advance. Just fill out our form  with your preference on days and we’ll get back to you asap to book in.  

How long does the course last?

Typically, we’d run the course between 10am and 4.30pm.  However we may be able to adjust timings to suit your needs. Please do just ask as earlier or later starts may be accommodated.

I have more than one dog. Can I bring them both/all?

The course itself is geared to train you fully in how to prepare, bath, dry and groom one breed of dog. Therefore more than one breed would require separate days bookings. If both of the same breed, we’d still advise that you bring just one furiend with you that will be the focus of your training. If you are concerned about leaving another furiend at home, it may be possible for them to hang out during the day with us - Do discuss with us pre booking. 

What breeds is the course suitable for?

Our full day course is suitable for breed who require either regular hand stripping or clipping of their coat. Have a short haired dog? Or may be a dog that requires minimal scissor tidy up (e.g floofy feet on a shorter working cocker coat)?  We can shorten the day to accommodate and discount the overall price to reflect.   Pop us a note and we’ll create timings/cost for you. For e.g Working Cocker Spaniel with no clipping or stripping - hygiene, feet and ear scissor only.  £250 (10am to 2.30 or equivalent slot).

My dog hates being bathed/dried - is this suitable for them?

Do they panic and show extreme stress? The answer is probably no - a full day training where we do need to complete a bath and dry wouldn’t be suitable at this stage.  HOWEVER, we’d suggest using our DIY/self service option and some socialisation/de-sensitising sessions in order to work up to a training day. 

My dog is reactive – is this suitable for them?

We know how difficult it can be to find and book services when your furiend is reactive, and that you’ll be anxious too. The answer is however.. It depends.  Mainly around what they are reactive to and also how they react. If they are reactive to strangers/people then putting them in a grooming environment with a trainer for a prolonged period of time may not be the best solution for them and instead increase their fear. 
But also if their reactivity has them skipping over warning steps straight to biting, we wouldn’t want to put them, you or our team in that position. If your furiend is reactive to dyers, clippers, scissor etc., then this will all come down to the level to which they react and how they react.   Our day isn’t designed to ‘solve’ issues with the grooming process that they have and time wise, this type of fear cannot be resolved in a day and we do need to be able to dry in order to train you in how to style. 
In all of these cases, we’d suggest some socialisation/de-sensitising sessions with us beforehand so we can work out the best approach.
However if your furiend just doesn't like their feet being touched or something similar, we can help and show you tips and ticks on the day to help you get the style you’d like.

What do I wear?

Overalls will be provided and we have PPE but we suggest comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. If in doubt, then you’ll find as groomers, we typically wear activewear leggings along with our grooming tops, or a dark tshirt/top with our apron. But honestly - anything you are happy to get covered in hair and possibly wet too ;0)  We all know our furiends love a good shake!

I’d love to be a dog groomer, is this the right course for me?

As city and guild trained dog goromers, we are big advocated for ensuring that you complete the right training before embarking upon a dog grooming career. We’ve created a handy guide to the different qualifications and routes below.
However, this one day training will allow you to groom your dog at home and may allow you to get a taster for what it would be like to become a dog groomer before you embark upon a longer and more costly training programme.

Do I need to purchase equipment in advance?

A big no. While we’ll provide you with a list of equipment and products tailored to your dog on the day, there is no need to buy in advance. We do recommend that you bring all of the equipment and products that you use with you - and we can review those with you to check suitability and identify any gaps. Any products or tools purchased on the day will receive a 5% discount (eg. Shampoos, brushes etc).

How do I pay?

A non refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure your date (n.b a refund would only be issued if for some reason Millie’s Pet Services could not carry out the training for e.g. staff illness). The remaining payment will be due 2 weeks prior to your training date and is then also non-refundable. All payments must be made by bank transfer.

Can I spread the payments?

We can arrange to split the payments and set you up with a payment plan. However, this must be paid in full pre your course date being confirmed.

What if I need help after?

Have a quick follow up question on an area we covered on the day? Then we are of course happy to help and will be creating a facebook group where we’d love to see your photos grooming at home and also allow you to check in on any quick questions from the training day.

What if I need to cancel?

We all understand that life happens and things do come up. For us, we’ll have removed the full day from our grooming diary and scheduled staff and resources for the day. As a small business we need to protect the team and our business and thus have clear terms for bookings. So, if you need to cancel pre 2 weeks then the £100 is non refundable. But we can look to move your date to keep the deposit. Less than 2 weeks, then the full value is non refundable and we would not be able to reschedule the date. 

I’m not local, is there dog friendly accommodation nearby?

Of course! We live in a beautiful part of the world, with a stunning beach and local country park and just an hours drive from the Cairngorms. You could opt to hire Harley, our Luxury VW Campervan or check out our blog on dog friendly accommodation nearby.

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